✨ pearl x violet performances ✨

Pearl’s so lovely I can’t to see her again tomorrow! 💕 #pearl #drag #me #dragrace #rupaulsdragrace

She called me out on stage like ‘bitch you look sickening, you stole my look’

At the meet and greet pearl was like ‘it’s my doppleganger you look gorgeous!’ And 'you stole my look’ and she hugged me and kissed my cheek and I told her I was seeing her tomorrow and she promised to be less sweaty lmao she’s so lovely


pictures taken by Maggie Towe

I don’t defend violet against false claims and unreasonable negativity because I know it can’t and won’t affect her confidence .Ru herself tried to pull a sob story from violet about her obviously not so sweet childhood and failed.If that couldn’t break her confidence , I don’t think anything could.I know she’s talented and deserves the crown.No need to explain to anyone why violet should win. #TeamViolet 


oh my