Last night, I was asked a simple question: “Can you tell me what the appeal is of Trixie Mattel, because I just don’t get it”. So, I simply replied:

“Well, for me, she’s a very captivating character. She’s basically an extreme parody on drag itself. I love that she makes fun of drag, in which drag makes fun of pop culture and life itself. And you also have her extreme makeup aesthetic. It’s not to be taken serious at all, but it’s very precise. And the fact that she’s a makeup artist? It’s kind of an oxymoron in itself. How brilliant is that? Her drag in itself is the joke. And she’s so conceptual. There was always different levels of the thought process behind her looks. It was never literal with her looks. ‘You want a resort look? Ok. I’m going to give you Barbie competing in a tennis match at the resort.’ 'You want a conjoined twin? Ok. I’m going to be the ugly twin that was always "the butt of the joke” when our mom put us in pageants as a kid, and I never won.’ It was always a bigger story. I felt like she brought something different to the show.’

You may not get it, but I got you.