NPR reports on WALMART pulling ENFAMIL NEWBORN, in 12.5 ounce cans, after a death is reportedly  suspected in the death of a Missouri boy. The manufacturer, is quoted as claiming the product tested negative for bacterium prior to shipping. An investigation is ongoing following the death of 10 Day Old Newborn. At least WALMART is not taking any chances. Whether a link to the formula and death can be established remains under investigation.

On June 19, 2010, the NYTimes reported in “Surgeon vs. Knee Maker: Who’s Rejecting Whom?”, an insightful story by Barry Meier, on a growing controversy between Zimmer Holdings, an orthopaedic joint implant manufacturer and a former Physician/Spokesperson Dr. Richard A. Berger.

Dr. Berger has become an outspoken critic of a product he once promoted. He now claims that Zimmers knee joints have the potential to generate excessive pressure because of their innovative design leading to a high failure rate in patients. This results in patients need a revision surgery and explanation of medical hardware.

Specifically, Dr. Berger is critical of the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex a particular model. The NYTimes quoted their former spokesman as saying “I have lost confidence”.

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