Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes’s “Situation Room”

Those of us with office jobs often spend our days vicariously engaging with the world through our computer screens. As an antidote to the sedentary lifestyle, Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes collaborated on “Situation Room,” an immersive installation that will shake up viewers’ senses. Currently on view at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, “Situation Room” is described as a sound object. The enormous, hot pink structure not only envelopes viewers in a fluorescent, biomorphic mass. It also vibrates with sound when visitors crawl through the work’s nooks and crannies, which the artists say is a feature intended to make us question the ways we interact with our built environments. Next time your senses feel dulled, you can venture into the “Situation Room” through November 1.


A new market hall has opened its doors in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and it’s turning quite a few heads. The enormous Markthal Rotterdam, a curiously elongated horseshoe of a building, has a 36,000 square foot mural covering its rounded ceiling.

The enormous mural, by artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam, is titled “Cornucopia.” It features brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and other market goods ascending into the sky like the ceiling mural of a cathedral.

The building, designed by architecture office MVRDV and developer Provast, features an open food market with 100 fresh produce units, 15 food shops and 8 restaurants. There are also 228 apartments with 1,200 parking spaces, making the entire structure somewhat of a self-contained living space. The Markthal expects between 4.5 and 7 million visitors a year.