141011 SKE48 EbiCalcio! Episode 1.5 (Extended Segment)

After the successful completion of the hitchhiking journey, Matsumura and Tani are now back to their usual idol activities. Or… Atleast they think they have!! But not too soon, Producer T appears again and they are led to an undisclosed location! Is this the start of another challenge!?

What they discover themselves in is the remake of a popular segment in Denpa Shounen from 1998, Living off Lottery Prize Winnings! * Will they accept this challenge!? What lies ahead for the two of them!?

Watch it on Dailymotion or download softsubs for this episode, and also find more details about the segment from our homepage here: http://myaidol.net/releases/141011-ske48-ebicalcio-episode-1-5-extended-segment/

Translator: KudoShinichi, Hayate
Timer: Key
Typeset: Michael Soares
QC: Mayuyu

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Montreal’s Plateau borough has been considering and implementing lots of anti-culture and anti-nightlife policies lately - such as attacking long-standing music venues and requiring restaurants to close by midnight (!!) - but this quote, published in the Montreal Gazette, really takes the cake.

Please reblog this if you agree that the Plateau should be for everyone’s enjoyment, regardless of whether you live here or not. If you want to the councillor exactly what you think, you could also email him at  alex.norris@ville.montreal.qc.ca or you can send him a text message at 514-248-1107 .

It’s worth pointing out that the city and province spend hundreds of millions promoting Montreal as a tourism destination. Aside from the social equity issue, there’s an economic one too.

Speed. (Olicity Mini #20)

Oliver shifted the gears to accelerate the speed of the bike. His eyes focused on the road and curves in front of him.

He used the noise of the engine and increasing wind resistance to try to drown out and beat down the images in his mind.

He didn’t want to remember the scene he just witnessed at QC. Felicity and Palmer.

Oliver shook his helmeted head to attempt to shake free of the images that battled against his heart to resurface.

The pain was excruciating and his entire body shook from it.

He shifted gears again and then again. More speed. He needed more speed.


Arrow 1x02 | Arrow 3x01 [request by green-smoak]


My father once had a proverb he was fond of: “A man cannot live by two names.” And what does that mean? In your case, I think it means not having any kind of choice.

I thought that I could be me and the Arrow…but I can’t. Not now. Maybe not ever. Then say never. Stop dangling maybes. Say it’s never going to work out between us. Say you never loved me. Felicity. Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you.


→ Inspiration Board: Stairs

1. Casa Park por Another Apartment. / 2. Casa na Restauração por EZZO. ©João Ferrand / 3. Casa H por Wiel Arets. ©João Morgado / 4. Autor Desconhecido / 5. Filp Flat por QC Studio. / 6. Autor Desconhecido. / 7. Casa em Palmela por Paratelier. ©Leonardo Finotti / 8. Apartamento SDM por Arquitectura en Movimiento. / 9. Casa Gago por Pezo von Ellrichshausens. ©Cristobal Palma / 10. Casa Cubo por Isay Weinfeld. ©FG+SG