This is going to be the best day of my life. Who is watching it with me?

It’s not a gay thing. It’s not a straight thing. It’s a human thing.

"It’s worth fighting for. Join us for the special presentation of "Bridegroom", this Sunday at 10/9c."

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I seen this amazing woman last night on Bill Dukes “Light Girls” documentary. I was captived and wanted to know more about her, so I did my research! She is not just a survivor but shes thriving. I followed her and she followed me back !!!!! So down to earth and willing to share her story to help others. I salute you @drbrookbello #owntv #stopsextrafficking


@oprah talks to @nateberkus about the loss of his great love in a tsunami. These words are STUNNING, about love and connectedness. #Oprah on #OWNtv says afterwards “I WISH THAT FOR EVERYONE. THAT IS THE STUFF OF REAL LOVE”…


Simple DIY Makeovers

Jessica and Eric’s living room could use a little pick-me-up. With the help of host Paige Davis, chef David Burtka, designer Didiayer Snyder and carpenter Amy Devers, the family creates a French-inspired living room by repurposing old thrift store finds, plus they get a new washer and dryer courtesy of Maytag®.

Tune in to the show every Saturday at 9am/8c on OWN, then come back for project details

David will be back on TV

Short Clip, you can see a hlimps of David http://youtu.be/t26wsEmHTDk

Un documentaire réalisé par Bill Duke qui consacra un premier doc aux femmes foncées de peau intitulés “black girls”. Ce deuxième volet laisse la voix aux femmes plus claires qui ont subi et subissent elles aussi du racisme de la part des autres mais aussi des leurs. A voir sur mon blog, voir le lien sur ma bio #lightgirlsmovie #LightGirls #owntv #BillDuke


Last night #flexandshanice star @shaniceonline debuted some of her phenomenal NEW Amusic, treated us to previous hits and even a covered the #MinnieRiperton classic #LovingYou Get into this snippet of the SLAYAGE!!!! Her voice is as strong and beautiful as ever!!!! #treeSoundStudios #music #instagood #instacool #atlanta #atl #shanice #owntv #RnB (at Tree Sound Studios)

New Post has been published on microcerpt

New Post has been published on http://microcerpt.com/blog/2015/01/%e2%95%9a%e2%95%90a-great-book%e2%95%90%e2%96%baby-best-seller-author/

╚═A GREAT BOOK═►by Best Seller Author

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Gue-Pelou – Tall Mask. – Mediate between the world of the living and the spiritual world – Chapter Fifteen

We have reached the last Chapter of, “To Damce with Ugly People,” – Chapter Fifteen. Dani Marie Dobson Ransom has had to wear a Tall Mask of hope and despair all of her life and in Chapter Fifteen who will hold her hand as she makes her decisions. Will you?

Throughout the book, there are things that happens to Dani and influences her insecurities because of the negative experiences with the color of her skin. On this day. January 19, 2015, Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate. If he had lived he would probably have to reiterate his statement “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” – to his own people! Why?

The reason why: This “keeps coming up” because we do not properly discuss it. People still can’t talk about it without tears in their eyes, so it’s STILL worth analyzing. Colorism isn’t the biggest problem among African Americans and Society but it IS a problem.
On this MLK Day, January 19, 2015, Oprah’s OWN NETWORK will air the Documentary, ‘Light Girls’ which dives deep into the discussion of skin color, preference, privilege, pain and prejudice. To be fair the Documentary ‘Dark Girls’ aired Sunday, June 23, 2013 on Oprah’s OWN NETWORK.
I’ve read that colorism is in most countries, yet basically in America it began with slavery. Throughout the numerous years the lightest-skinned peoples had the highest social status, for instance working inside the Master’s house in lieu of picking cotton in the fields.

I grew up not feeling black enough. I felt I had to constantly prove my “blackness” to people, in order to get along. I wore dark pancake makeup on my face, not knowing I also needed to spread it to my pale neck. – I looked like a clown. I tried to die my hair darker – It fell out. I grew tired of doing it. I experienced more “in your face” prejudice from my own than from white people. “Oh you bougie red bone” “Oh you think you better because you are light skinned” comments without them even knowing me.

It’s the acknowledgement of our diversity within the Black race that is important to me. We are a rainbow. A beautiful variety of all kinds of shades of color. I love it! But, I was raised to be aware of a person liking me or picking me for anything because of my “skin tone.” My Step Mother remained bitterly entrenched,” Don’t think you’re better because you have light skin and long hair!”

Share a “Light Girls,” experiences in, “To Dance with Ugly People.” Pick up a copy! What did you experience? Write me at: lorenehill63@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you.

Lorene Stunson Hill -


Da FruitLoop; yaaaaa!
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It’s almost time! Who’s tuning in to @LightGirls_movie on @OWNtv at 9|8c tonight? I’m nervous but excited to see everyone’s insights, hear stories and hope that my contribution to this project impacts the conversation of colorism everywhere. @Oprah @RealBillDuke #LightGirls #Own #owntv #selma50 #oprah #billduke #documentary #LightGirlsMovie #DarkGirls #MLK #MLKDay #instagood #instadaily #NYC #nofilter #tv #dvr

I’m tuned in to #DarkGirls and then watching #LightGirls. Who’s watching with me? #Repost @realbillduke
”I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ~ #MLK

In honor of Dr. King lets begin the conversation and heal our communities.
TUNE IN MONDAY, Jan. 19 on @owntv! See interviews featuring @mrbradybaby @uncle_rush @ravensymonecp @drfarrahgray @only1_mike @amberrose @nat_inspires @askdrgabe @afrobella AND MORE!
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There is a repugnant truth uncovered about the NORTH MIAMI BEACH POLICE are using actual photos of Black men in the community as target practice on their gun range. A conclave of clergy from around the country have begun the #UseMeInstead hashtag to show the vile context of this practice. I am intrigued to see how this reads to them, as a Black clergyman!

Some are incensed by the idea of using ANY PHOTO OF ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS FOR TARGET PRACTICE…And that is the point indeed. As a Black man, I am not always on collar but I am always Black, so I am ever mindful of my own safety on any street USA. But shame on you Miami Police!

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