Friends with Benefits

I should be studying. I really, really should be studying, but instead I’m writing about these two nerds. 

"Sometimes I just want someone to cuddle." 

Jack blinked and looked up from his laptop. The two boys were lounging in Hiccup’s room, Jack sitting with his back against the side of the bed while Hiccup was flat on his back, Toothless perched on his chest. Friday was movie and take-out night, so the sight was pretty common to anyone who knew either of the boys. 

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18929) I swore to myself that when I am blessed with my own children, I will never be as oblivious and ignorant to their mental health as my parents were to me since I was a child.
Tidings of Comfort and Pine [Chapter 37]

“Crystal Snowflake”

Rating: T
Words: 484
Pairing: Kristanna 
Summary: Kristoff is a worker on Oaken’s Tree Farm, and Anna comes in to work the concession stand and Gift Shop. This is a collection of small snapshots of their time together.

Notes: For 12 Days of Kristanna Day 12: The Wonders of Christmastime 

[Chapter Index]

Where to read:
[FF.net] [AO3]


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I want a slow burn bellarke.
throwing Clarke into another relationship is literally the last thing I want from this show.
I want Bellamy to fall in love, completely and utterly in love, and I want it to be so unbelievably obvious that every single person on the ground is just wondering when they’ll get together.
but I want Clarke to become obsessed with being a great leader, and I want her to work and work and work and be completely oblivious to Bellamy’s feelings.
until one day she and Lexa are discussing plans in her tent and Bellamy is standing in the corner and just as Lexa is about to leave, she turns to Clarke, says “maybe I was wrong”, and nods her head in Bellamy’s direction.

then Clarke knows.

Title: just drive;
Summary: "i’ve been stood up," he says."my fiancé left me at the altar." one taxi ride can reveal manysecrets.
AN: err, just in case it gets confusing—levi’s view on love is a bit different. and ooc. (edit: ok the more i read this over, the more i think of how weird this drabble is so. :/) (edit2: tumblr might’ve fcked up the formatting. sorry)


It’s not often to pick up a well-dressed man with an even handsomer face, waiting in front of church adorned in white decor. A city landmark, known to hold extravagant weddings for its equally extravagant guests and this one is no exception. Davidoff’s Cool Water drafts inside the car with its mild but refreshing essence as the man enters. That custom-fitted suit—Armani? Hugo Boss? Burberry?—pressed neatly black but now looking as disheveled as the man itself.

The taxi-driver looks in the rear-view mirror, waiting for his customer’s instructions.

“Just drive.”

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I realize a lot if people say they are oblivious to flirting, but a guy in a restaurant once asked in a very seductive tone if he could get me anything else then winked and I was like “I wonder what’s up with his voice, maybe he has a cold or something” and another time a guy flat out told me I was sexy and I just sat there wondering if it was a pop culture reference of some sort or maybe an insult.

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hi! there is one fic where stiles and derek shared an umbrella whenever it rained but i cant remember the title! oh, and i think derek is a lawyer or something and they climbed into each other's apartments after they got super close?? can you help me find this fic? lots of love to you guys!!<3<3<3<3



Rainy Days Never Prepared Him For This by CiaraWrites

8,236  I  Teen and Up

When Stiles left Beacon Hills for college he totally didn’t sign up for getting drenched every day when making his journeys from his apartment to the bus to campus and back again as soon as he moved out of the dorms. And yet, that’s his life and has been for the past four years.

But there is one upside.

Angry Umbrella Guy.

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

boys are so oblivious, you could tell them straight out that you were mad at them and they still wouldnt know youre mad at them


After reading about the recent interview Keegan did where he talks about A, I’m even more convinced it is Caleb. Keegan says that it’s quite obvious and fans will be like “woah this has been here all along and I never noticed.”

In SO many episodes we see Caleb hacking into things and doing so many things that A can do but because we all love him so much, we’re kind of oblivious to what he’s actually doing.

For example, In 5x16 he knew straight away how to pick the lock to the storage unit and in 5x17 he knew about the cameras and again, how to break the lock. He also corrupted the files for the storage unit SO EASILY.


ah… her arts are so lovely... i like its genuine feeling lingering in each one of them… it’s like an external view of their love. 

The drawings are made with simple lines and colorful strokes….. but it’s more effective than any ineffective attempt to describe with words how Park Bong Soo/Seo Jong Hoo spends his whole time to watch her or how Young Shin seems to obliviously lean toward Healer a little more each time…….

You should visit her instagram ^-^

Cr to : wwdounai87

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Pre-SQ: On a hot summer day, the swan-mills family goes to the beach together. After a splash fight regina and Emma end up kissing oblivious to the many eyes gaping at them. Henry, although a little grossed out, is happy! Thank youuu! :)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma smiles as she looks around the beach. Her mother and father are lounging on towels enjoying the wonderful sunshine that has fallen upon Maine this summer. Henry and Neal are building a sandcastle. It’s amazing, a perfect family trip to the beach. 

She’s never had a family trip to the beach before but in her dreams it looked a lot like this, except reality has one incredible addition. 

Standing there in the water is Regina…in a white bikini that has Emma practically drooling on the sand. Her jaw drops as Regina walks over to her, her tanned skin dazzling in the sunlight. They’re friends now, best friends, maybe even more…. 

Emma smiles at the thought. 

"See something you like?" 

Her head snaps up at Regina’s playful question and she smiles seeing Regina look her up and down in her own bikini, “Do you?” 

They meet each other’s gazes in an intense challenging stare before Emma breaks it with a mischievous grin, “Bet I could beat you in a splash fight.” 

"Really Emma?" Regina asks raising a brow. Emma stands making sure Henry and Neal are still engrossed in their sandcastle before grabbing Regina’s hand and leading her to the edge of the water. She wades in first before scooping up a handful of water and tossing it at Regina, "Your move," she taunts with a cocky smile. 

Regina smirks back, “This means war,” she warns before waltzing into the water and slamming both hands down to send a wave of splashes towards Emma.

Emma chuckles before splashing back. This goes on for fifteen minutes, the pair running through the water splashing each other determined to see who can win this one. Neither notice that everyone is now watching them running around like children giggling and splashing until Emma stumbles, falling into Regina sending them both into the water with a loud, large splash. 

Emma laughs pulling Regina up and the brunette spins as she stands leaving her pressed tight against Emma. Both their laughs dissipate into nervous chuckles as their breaths hitch at the close proximity. They don’t see their family gaping at them from across the beach. They don’t care. 

All they can see is each other and it’s all they want to see in this moment. Electricity crackles between them as they close the tiny space between their bodies and seal their lips in a passionate kiss. Regina’s arms wrap around Emma’s neck as Emma’s hands find her waist. They stand their locked in a tight embrace in the sea kissing each other over and over, oblivious to the stares of others choosing instead to focus on the beating of their hearts that tells them that this is right where they belong. 

6 days left till Zhurrick Week!

Zhurrick Week is happening! From February 2nd to 8th, we are celebrating these two love birds! Quick reminder of the prompts:

Day 1: Tea (2nd February)

Day 2: Oblivious (3rd February)

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Day 4: Dancing (5th February)

Day 5: Tradition (6th February)

Day 6: Family (7th February)

Day 7: Food (8th February)

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I'm gonna lose it. She's ruining me, and she's building me up all at the same time. I fell in love with her and she's to oblivious too see it. She thinks I like her just as a friend, but I like her more then that. I admitted to her I had a small crush on another person and now she thinks I just like them. I need help. She's keeping me up at night.


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Does Mike know about the 5th child helping him?

As far as Mike knows, there’s a strange ghost haunting the pizzeria that seems to have an interest in keeping him and Jeremy alive. He’s thankful for the help but he doesn’t know how exactly they are helped.

He’s aware that Jeremy gets random electric bursts and the Shadow Freddy mask because of the ghost but is oblivious to what happens to himself.