I really can’t believe it. I sincerely thought that there was something, but I guess that I was wrong. I don’t tend to let things like this happen to me; what happened?

I’ll continue to regress to the good times, the times that I remember and that I’m sure you remember. The times where we smiled together. The times where we would be together in comfortable silences. The times where there was no need for a physical embrace - your presence simply allowed me to be myself, to be open.

Sure, maybe I’m not perfect. Maybe I’m not the one that you want to talk to every night. Maybe I’m not the one that should even be a part of your life. Maybe I’m just a tiny aspect of your life. Maybe I’m just a regret.

Soon I’ll be a memory. Soon I’ll be just another page in the your life’s novel. Why couldn’t you have just told me? Why did you have to lead me through these obstacles? Why did you let me get so high only to watch me fall down, deeper into a place that I never wanted to be in? Why the fuck did I waste so much time.

I’ll continue to ask, but I’ll never get an answer.

I guess this is it.