Just think about Stan being the protective twin.

Stan leading the way for his brother, to make sure he wouldn’t trip and fall.

Stan staying up at night, keeping watch, because his brother was convinced the Jersey Devil really DID live in their closet.

Stan trying his best to keep his brother of trouble, no matter how much his curiosity still made him climb trees and scrape his knees.

Stan hearing the bullies threatening to beat up his brother after school, and pretending to be his bro so that they get away with their dark satisfaction, and his bro never has to endure that kind of pain.

Stan hating boxing but getting better at it; for the sake of protecting his brother.

Stan being upset when his brother started drifting away, going to college, while he was stuck trying to make a living selling vacuums.

Stan calling his brother every weekend, just to make sure he was okay.

Stan bitterly resenting his brother for leaving him behind, even though he always tried to protect him from the world.

Stan hating himself for being unable to stop his brother when he leaves him, seemingly for forever.

Stan terrified his brother is actually dead, even though his dreams tell him otherwise.

Stan throwing away 30 years of his life, all working towards what could end up just being a pipe dream.

Stan hating himself because he can’t keep the twins safe, just like he couldn’t keep his brother safe.

I mean, just think about Stan being the protective twin.

Just think.

I wanted to do something cute to commend getting to see all of you who are going to Momocon this weekend (especially @isaiahdjstuff, @heilos, and koalacola, you crazies). And I’d been playing around with both Lewis and Kai’s universe a lot recently so I thought a cross over would be pretty cute. Kai doesn’t understand quite how Lewis works it seems XD

Please note this is a WIP haha. My originally intention was to have this fully rendered buuuut my computer is busted and has been for about a week or two. I’ve just been a cheapskate and been pushing it past its limits. 



On silence and mystery

Nick Cave (via):  

Bill Callahan

[Mystery is] probably 100% of the reason for music appealing to me. If there’s no mystery then there’s no reason to listen to it because you’ve already got figured it out. That’s the whole thing right there….

[M]usic starts, when you’re starting a song the only thing you have is silence and silence is pretty damn sweet. Once you start making some sound, it better be good because you’re ruining the silence that makes you feel good and relaxed. I feel like you can only make a sound if it’s better than silence… [I’m] very conscious of the power of nothing, the power of nothing being there. You’ll notice it’s still about the best thing anyone playing with me on a record can do is just stop playing. Because you got this instrument in your hand and it’s really fun to make the noise with it, but it means so much more when you’re not playing it. 

So here’s a thing I haven’t seen brought up. What powers Arthur’s arm?
I’m assuming a battery, so does that mean Arthur has to like, charge his arm every night? If he doesnt get a chance to charge it the arm just goes limp?
Does it get sluggish when its on low charge?

I’m just imagining Arthur’s arm plugged in to a wall next to his phone.

#72 - Sodium! (817 - Horror at Party Beach) (submitted by cutiepuppyfire)

Well, if you don’t know anything about Sodium now, I dunno what we can do for you.

Yeah, you kids with your big pants and your colored chalk and your Neve Campbell and your fanny packs and your Nerf balls and your…Pong and your Volkswagen Golf leases and your notebooks and the kids with the pierced I-dunno-what…the roller-skates and the 23 Skidoos and the listening to the Becks…

Sodium, won’t you?

Did I learn anything about Sodium? Na.