THIS OR THAT: Which rapper do you prefer better in Zhoumi’s “Rewind”? Chanyeol or Tao?

The MV just came out! Both of these rappers are featured in the song! Now is the time to choose one MWUAHAHHA. Watch the MVs below!

> Chanyeol (Korean Version)

> Tao (Chinese Version)

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Have fun lovelies! This will be so hard omg

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Who is your choice?

I remember the way you touched me,
And each tingling shock sent through me.
I remember falling in love a million times
With the same person again and again,
And oh, how you make me feel so alive.
I want to feel alive a million times again.
I want to fall in love a million times again.
All with the same person.

[TRANSLATION] D.O - 141030 Magazine M: "Do Kyungsoo: It doesn't matter however you call me. Whichever way my name gets written in the ending credit, I am still me."

The sight of him that “growled” on stage as a popular idol member of EXO was no where to be found. Only actor, Do Kyungsoo (21), was seen smiling shyly while saying, “It was exciting to be able to accomplish acting, which has always been a dream of mine.” Seeing the movie only makes the expectations for rookie actor Do Kyungsoo rise higher.

His first screen debut movie, ‘Cart’ (Released November 13, Director Boo Jiyoung), is a story about mart employees being fired overnight. It tells a story about their fight against the unfairness of the company, but on the other hand, also tells a story about an ordinary family and their side of the story. Do Kyungsoo’s character was the main character Sun Hee (Yeom Jungah)’s son, Tae Young. Despite the fact that he is a rebellious teenager that hates the fact that they are poor, he soon learns to understand his mother’s position and becomes a deep minded son. Tae Young’s role makes viewers feel pity as he goes through a harsh reality. He is also put in a different situation wherein he undergoes a similar case of unfair dismissal. He works part time at a convenience store when he gets scammed by an unfair boss. Do Kyungsoo said that “he was able to understand the viewpoints of his parents more.” “I’m quite young, and I started my early adult life as a member of an idol group, so it’s true that the words ‘unfair dismissal’ and ‘union workers’ were not relatable to me at first. As I started to film to movie, I understood more, and it made me think more of my parents who were working hard. Ah, I should be more filial to them (laughs). I feel like viewers who are similar to my age will feel the same way.”

After the movie ‘Cart’ made its first premiere in October in the Busan International Film Festival, there was a never ending praise for the movie itself and Do Kyungsoo’s acting skills. The reactions were very similar in media press conferences too. It was a much expected result. He melted into his character with no burden and successfully portrayed his character. Do Kyungsoo said “I am very glad to hear so many unexpected praises” and also added “but am still full of regrets”. “I am still very regretful of the scene where I become very rebellious and yell at my mother. For me it was very awkward, as I have never been that angry to anyone in my entire life. If there is an opportunity for me to act a yelling scene again I feel that I will do much better next time.” His next comment was an honest and cute comment, as expected from a rookie actor, “I was so surprised while watching the movie. I had no idea I would be given so much screen time!”

To the public, his acting was first revealed in the SBS drama ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ that aired in September, but ‘Cart’ was actually filmed first. Partaking in this film was Do Kyungsoo’s first acting attempt, with no previous special lessons on acting at all. Then was his stable acting achieved by a born talent for portraying emotion naturally? Do Kyungsoo waved his hands in denial and smiled. “I never had much tears as a child. Maybe it was because my personality is not the kind to express any hardships I feel but to suppress it deeply and hold it inside of me. That’s why it’s really hard to act crying scenes. It’s to the point that upon seeing my crying scenes the EXO members actually make fun me. I feel as if my emotional understanding has broadened thanks to acting.” He firmly denied it, but it seems true that he is very talented in understanding and becoming one with his characters in order to portray them properly. If that isn’t true, then it would be impossible to leave such a deep impression as both Han Kangwoo, who was Jae Yeol (Jo Insung)’s imagination in ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’, and the rebellious but deep minded Tae Young in ‘Cart’ in the viewers’ mind.

Now, with both projects having wrapped filming, Do Kyungsoo is only filled with more interest and excitement for acting. “It was such a shame when the filming ended. I really wished that it had not ended yet. As a singer, the job of having to sing on stage and show everything in 4 minutes is very charismatic, but acting was very fun too. Please let me work in anything. Whatever it is, I will work very hard (laughs).” The EXO members are cheering on Do Kyungsoo too. “When I was a trainee; I practiced and worked hard, joined the team in no time and busily prepared for our debut, but there are members who went through a much longer trainee period. There are members who received acting lessons regularly too. Since I started acting first, it would make sense for them to feel disappointed but they all sincerely cheered me on. I’m always thankful for them and feel strengthened by their encouragement.” For all those who are cheering Do Kyungsoo on, he plans to give his best in the future for his acting. “I want to become a great actor even in my sixties.” But do we now call him D.O or Do Kyungsoo? “It doesn’t matter however you call me. Whichever way my name gets written in the ending credit, I am still me (laughs).”

Credit: translation, dailyexo.tumblr.com, Source: Magazine M via 됴팬닷컴 and Melodious.