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Framing Ideas: Pairing Lorca Poet in #NY @nypl listening to a music work full of his poetry: El Corazón y el Sombrero by singer Marta GOMEZ @MARTAGOMEZMUSIC

Marta GOMEZ will be back soon in NYC
As a part of “Encuentro NYC presents” concert series this year at LPR, Marta is going to present the next 12 of May.
Marta Gómez on Mother’s Day.

+ info soon: www.lepoissonrouge.com @lprnyc

“Marta was born singing.
In her cradle she composed and sang the noises around her
to call upon sleep.

Marta composes to ward off nostalgia
and chase away sadness, hers and others.
She learned how to sing to the soul and the soul learned how to listen.

In her voice sings the wind, sometimes a river laughs
and even the whispers of the earth can be heard.

With her guitar, her voice, and full of will, she keeps composing
the songs around her,
and the voices dictated by absences, to lull the silence”

Nicolás Buenaventura Vidal
Film maker, screen writer and story teller


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Monday at LPR: New York Baroque Incorporated, a conductorless orchestra of young players of baroque instruments in New York City, will tackle some of the early 18th Century’s most evocative music, from dramatic overtures to a full-blown battle piece. Here’s a video of NYBI performing Vivaldi’s “La Follia”.