Meet Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi! Since cosplay is already awesome, our scientific calculations have determined that this adorable cosplaying Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Super Awesome. When Kiba lives in Peoria, AZ-based and when he isn’t charming fellow cosplayers, he likes to play, bark and work as a therapy dog.

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I’ve not made anything Zelda related for a long time so here’s something for all the Zelda fans following. q;

I’ve made the Pendants of Virtue from the series, the three pendants that Link must obtain on order to retrieve the Master Sword!

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Pendant of Power - Pendant of Wisdom - Pendant of Courage


Is the Doctor a Good Man? This is an arc that has been unfolding for a long time and covering numerous episodes (showing both sides of the argument) and is something I had discussed a while back in relation to A Good Man Goes to War. I came to a similar conclusion to the one that Clara came to, but I do think, more strongly than she does, that he is a good man.

Nobody, least of all the Doctor, is purely any one thing and the world isn’t a black and white place, but his questioning of his own character shows so much insight into who he is. That, in combination with how hard he works to help people despite occasionally committing morally questionable acts for the greater good, ultimately proves that he is a good man. He can see it. He can see what he’s done wrong and the guilt of it weighs heavily on him even when, as the Eleventh Doctor, he used to work so hard not to think about it. That matters.

The fact that the Doctor is a good man is something River, his wife who has seen him at his best, but also stood next to him at his worst telling him just how low he’s gotten and who has her own dark side she relates to him through, can say he is with confidence. And it is something that Clara, looking at him from the perspective of an undeniably good person who is also his friend and witness to his actions (both good and bad), can see that he’s trying to be. Even though she doesn’t yet know the answer definitively, she does see that it is something he works to be and that means so much more than he gives himself credit for.

But the Doctor can’t see it clearly because he feels the pain of everything he’s done and he’s not sure it makes him a good man. Eleven didn’t want to confront it. He was the man who forgets, not just because he was too old, but because he only become worse as he got older and had done so many terrible things that he could no longer stand to think about them.

Although Eleven did take River’s advice and try to stop being the man the universe fears, he never truly wanted the answer to the question of if he was a good man. He very clearly thinks the answer is no, but in The Day of the Doctor, he was forced to confront the day that sent him down this dark path and was given the opportunity for a second chance to find another way to bring down the Daleks and corrupt ruling Time Lords while saving the innocent on Gallifrey without killing everyone. Now, with a new perspective on his own past actions, Twelve is going forward confronting his dark side and, in his own words, is still “terrified” that he might not be a good man. He is finally putting aside his fear and looking directly into the part of himself that was destroying Eleven internally, but that he couldn’t truly bring himself to face.