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Derek has had the sun in his eyes for hours, lying sprawled out on his stomach in the center of the big bed, swaying right on the edge of awake and asleep. It’s the sound of light feet padding across the floor that finally drifts him back to the surface of consciousness, giving him a few seconds to remember what year it is before the mattress dips down by his ankles.

“Daddy,” comes a smooth voice, which manages to reach him despite the barrier of sleep. Derek likes to think it’d reach him through anything.

“Mmh,” is his response, forcing half an eye open.

He shifts with a heavy sigh, watching his son crawl up the bed towards him. Once he’s at eye-level with Derek, he simply flops down on his side, resting his little head on the big pillow. What little hair he’s got is in total disarray, standing out in all directions, and Derek lazily reaches out to smooth it out the best he can.

“Are you awake?”

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Hi! I am from Argentina. I want to watch the season 3 of Orphan Black but I don't know where I can watch , could you tell me where ? Thanks, :) I freaking love your blog haha.

heyyy live stream links are here :)

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Once Upon a Sunday is here! Tonight’s episode is:

4.18 “Sympathy for the De Vil”

Starting at 8pm EST, this blog will be posting and reblogging all about the new episode. If you can’t watch then and don’t wanna be spoiled ahead of time, please blacklist the tag “ouat spoilers”.  

How to block tags:

Use either tumblr savior or XKits black list to block the tags you want.  Each link has instructions on how to do it, but if you have any questions feel free to message me!

How to watch online if you live outside the USA or can’t watch on tv:

Live Stream 1

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How to help improve the ratings:

If you will be watching Once Upon a Time tonight and you live in America and have the ability to watch it LIVE, please do! It will help with the ratings!  Also, if you happen to have a DVR, please watch it live and then re-watch it within 24 hours WITH the commercials to help improve the ratings even further. Note, this method really only works for Nielsen panelists, but please don’t let that stop you from doing these! Because you never know.  :)

Another great method to help improve ratings no matter WHERE you are is by tweeting live during the EST and PST airings of the show! Use #OnceUponATime and #QueensOfDarkness, tweet to @OnceABC on twitter stating that you are watching the show and how you liked it! This helps out!

Hulu also may help a bit, so if you have that be sure to watch Once again the next day!

Also! Don’t forget to compliment the actors and writers on twitter after the show, as well as leaving nice comments on the Once facebook!

And as always, the Captain Swan Chatroom will be open all day to talk about the episode, meet up with old friends and make new ones, and fangirl with other fans! So stop in anytime!

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