sunflitting asked:

One, six, and sixteen ~

Wooooo! OK WELLLLLL:1. the meaning behind my url
  • Ok so funny story, I tried for a while to get a canon url and during that time I was hella into homestuck and I was looking at the track lists for one of the albums and one of the songs was called “Knives and Ivory”. Sooooo, I tried for that url and got it and was like “HELL YEAH~” only to realize that the url I actually typed in was “knivesandirony” not “ivory” lol. I liked the way it sounded though so I just kept it, but then I changed my url for halloween, and when i went to change it back some spam blog stole my url so I just looked up synonyms  for irony and satire came up and I figured that sounded good sooooo….yeah. Lol

6. favorite band

  • Ahhhh, well I love Fall Out Boy and Marianas Trench! 

16. favorite movie

  • Singin’ In the Rain! It’s my feel good movie and I love it! Also Pirates of the Caribbean.