K.Flay is easily one of my favorite artists to come out of San Francisco Bay. Even though she went to Stanford, which is Cal’s rival, I’m not mad. Her brand of gritty hip hop and electronic pop has delighted my ears far too much for me to complain. One of my favorite tracks off her album Life As A Dog (which I contributed to via crowd funding) is Can’t Sleep. I also love the Vanic remix of the tune. K.flay’s new video for Can’t Sleep begs a requisite re-share of Can’t Sleep. I can’t wait to catch K.Flay live again for the, umm, umpteenth time, at LIve 105′s BFD come early June.


“I stopped caring in ‘96”…I fux w/ @Kflay

nice lil front row snap by the homie @kflay, taken at my show last night in berlin!

(We sold out Berghain Kantine!)

So good to see so many friends, yell so many tunes, and now…on down the road!


10 Musical Artists You Should See at Bumbershoot 2015

I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t really feeling the 2015 Bumbershoot lineup at first. I didn’t think it was bad, per se, but something about its choice in main attractions just seemed a lot trendier and commercialised than last year’s, almost as if it was directly trying to compete with this year’s Sasquatch! lineup in terms of modernity and universal pull. And, after letting the lineup sink in, well, I still feel this way about a bulk of its headliners, but upon closer inspection, I do think the lineup has a lot to offer.

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Official Music Video of K.Flay - Can’t Sleep  (premiered on Billboard)

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