I’m so happy for Donny in getting a guest starring spot on The Bold and the Beautiful. Of all people, it was him that was chosen and offered for it. I couldn’t see or picture any other of the house guests being offered that acting role since none of them are as sweet and down to earth like Donny is.

Also i’m not even a soap opera fan at all but I think I’ll manage to sit through the episode he’s in since I love and want to keep supporting him.

OKay I know everyone’s freaking out over blake but

The way Cinder says that Pyrrha has been taking fate into her own hands?

Makes me think that Pyrrha came from a lower class family or had to deal with a lot of shit

and therefore had to work extra hard to get to where she is in beacon and the tournaments

which would end up being a huge contrast to Jaune who snuck his way in and has been expecting himself to become the hero.

and I just

Just trimmed all my fingernails in preparation for the first anatomy lab tomorrow.

I probably shouldn’t admit I’m kind of nervous, but I am. Only slightly excited, and mostly nervous. This will be an interesting day.