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Imagine aroace Natasha going undercover in a fake relationship with aroace Clint

While it delved into near Bond-levels of cheesy, the two super spies had no other choice.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Clint sighed.

With a hum of agreement, Natasha pushed play and leaned back in her seat with the remote and a notebook on her lap, and settled in for a long shift.

Sixteen grueling hours and eight romcoms later, both Natasha and Clint’s notebooks were full, and they sat down to compare notes for their upcoming undercover mission.

“Ok, we both wrote down flowers, should we set a cap on how much money a bouquet should cost?” Clint asked after a moment of flipping through Natasha’s notes.

“I guess, just-get the person behind the desk to help you out. What about hand holding, that seems like another important aspect to mimic a relationship, along with other PDA. Um. Let’s say we start with holding hands 40% of the time? And I guess we’ll have to kiss when we see each other and say goodbye, but…” Natasha trailed off, uncomfortable imagining kissing her best friend.

“That will be as fast as possible, don’t worry. And 40% seems kinda high? Would 20% be better?”

“I don’t know! The longer we hold hands, the less we have to stare lovingly into each others eyes, so I’d opt for more rather than less.”

“True. Ok, so next we…”

The two continued to hash out details and boundaries until every romantic move they would have to fake was carefully talked through and could be mimicked to near perfection.

Natasha smiled and reached out for Clint’s hand, giving it a squeeze. “I’m glad you’re going on this mission with me. Anyone else would use it to try to get into my pants when I’d have a harder time saying no.”

Clint just smiled. “I understand. We’ll get through this, there’s no one else I would rather be fake married to than you, after all.”

Looking at his face, Natasha knew that she was incredibly lucky to have a best friend who was the same as her, and so could understand her so well.

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What do you think would happen if the Doctor got stuck in the parallel universe instead of Rose?

Isn’t that always a fun question? :D

I’d speculate but it’s much more fun to point you to Sam’s (dimensionhoppingrose) fantastic fic A Place For Us To Dream which explores this scenario extensively and I’m not caught up with it but it’s honestly incredible! I linked to where it’s posted on her main blog but she also has a blog dedicated to the fic and discussion of it and things made for it and it has links to all the chapters based on season/episode :)

So I’m gonna just point you in that direction in case you haven’t read it because it’s a much more thorough discussion that I could hope to achieve :)) enjoy!

come talk doomsday!

I thought I was over you.
And then I got drunk off
A bottle of whiskey—
It went down so smooth
That for a split-second,
I thought I was invincible.
So I ran through city streets
And I stumbled through parks,
Until eventually,
I found a small bench
To collapse upon.
And as the flickering light from
The dimly lit street lamp made a
Home in my eyes—the first thought
That came to my head was you.
I kept thinking that if I could share
This moment with anyone, I’d
Share it with you.
And as I laid their drunk and motionless—
My hands reaching for the stars,
I found myself tracing a constellation
That spelt out the words,
‘I still love you’.

It’s not over for me—I’m not over you.

—  Kelsey Gustafsson