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can you recommend any good rose/10 university AU fics? i just discovered my love for them and i need mooore!!

absolutely! um, these are the first ones I could find. I know there are more out there but i’m not always the best at compiling lists because I’m awful at remembering where I read things!

Sweetheart by stoprobbers (seriously this will probably be the first one rec’ed to you anytime you ask for university AUs. it’s fantastic)

First year by OiWatchItSpaceman

Misunderstandings and Reconciliations by larxenethefirefly (dryadalis)

nothing happens until something moves by lauraxtennant

We’re inspired each day by the stories you share that show how you’re ‪#‎AerieREAL‬. This week we wanted to highlight an incredible story from Aerie girl, Kelsey Miller. As the Senior Features Writer at Refinery29, we loved reading her funny and very candid musings each day. Her honest approach, especially when it comes to body image is refreshing.

Read more below about this fantastic Brooklyn-ite here:

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You wouldn't happen to know any good Ten/Rose high school fics too, would you?

yes indeed, nonny :) as before, i know i’ve read a ton of high school AUs but i never remember where!

Gravity by thexlostxgirlx

Five times John Smith & Rose Tyler saved each other from getting doused, and one time they didn’t by kilodalton

A Praise Chorus by cereal/allrightfine

Chemistry by emilyyes

All That We Could Be by justbygrace/deathlywritings

Between the Lines by justbygrace/deathlywritings

The Perils of Pink by justbygrace/deathlywritings (sensing a theme, just go read all of her fantastic AUs, you won’t regret it)

everything was you by perfectlyrose (shameless self promotion here :D )

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I vlog about my journey to London and show you a few behind the scenes from my shoot for Fizzy’s upcoming magazine issue.

Fizzy Magazine

The issue I’m in will be out later this year, I’ll keep you all updated!

I uploaded more behind the scene shots on my instagram

Thanks for watching! <3

And this deserves a post of its own: I finally got a black ring to wear today. It’s actually a super nice ring (tungsten carbide! Yeah for durability!) but was surprisingly inexpensive, which is great for a broke grad student.

Giving myself Friday night off after a pretty intense and also draining week. Also catching up on finding photos I meant to post for various reasons, whoops. Expect my face and also a really lovely jewelry haul to show up soon!

Also, who wants to see my new apartment? (I put posters up!)