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so how do you really truly feel about the Doctor x Rose and what's the best/worst thing (s) about them?

I just love the Doctor/Rose dynamic and relationship so much. It captured my attention and heart so quickly and just…i love how they’re so not perfect. They’re friends and they fight and disagree and grow and strain and support each other and we get to watch them fall in love and it’s amazing.

i also just love the inherent angst in the relationship because of the species (and therefore lifespan difference) and Doomsday and that just makes things so intense and i love it.

i don’t know what i’d classify as the worst thing about them though? i don’t really see anything unhealthy in their relationship? maybe a need to communicate with each other a bit more clearly? but mostly, i think it’s a beautiful representation of a relationship and two people who love each other in every possible way even if it’s not vocalized.

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saying that bi people in opposite sex relationships have privilege is like saying that gay people who are in the closet have privilege. having people automatically assume you’re straight and having to hide yourself for safety and having your identity stolen from you is not a privilege.

“D-Dad!” Kelsey yelled as she ran into Avengers Tower, covered in sweat, “I-I saw him…”

“Saw who?” Thor asked, replying for Tony who was working on something.


Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the young Stark. Then Kelsey shook her head sadly, “A-And Jarvis isn’t responding..W-Where is he? Dad, you must know where- ”

Then glass shattered everywhere. Kelsey ducked, but she was injured anyway, hitting the floor. Her friend Mercy hit the floor behind her.

Groaning and on the verge of tears, she tried to prop herself up. And then she gasped. A red figure was in the place of the glass.


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Okay, there's this hot guy I train jiu jitsu with and he always "accidentally touches my boobs". I wanna fucking suck his dick, but he's a bit older than me. How do you even flirt? Like I would try to suck his dick but idk how you would even go about that sort of thing.




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I don’t have a set personality. It’s like one night I’m bathing under the moonlight and the next night I’m dancing with the devil. I go through so many phases that I swear I’m the moon. I don’t have a set look or set direction, I’m just a collaboration of everything I’ve ever seen or felt. I fall in love with a person’s eyes or an animal’s innocence, and I become that. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that like a snake, I’ve shed my skin too many times to count–I have died more than I have lived and so I fill myself with little pieces of humanity, until my masterpiece is complete.

Until I become the artist.

dating ashton
  • “honey, you can’t touch me until you shower”
  • “ashton pls condition your hair”
  • “i’ll give you a bj if you throw out those cargo shorts”
  • “ashton are those the same boxers you wore yesterday”
  • “ashton why do all my shirts have holes in them”
  • “babe we went camping last night”
  • “ashton this bandana smells like ass”
  • “fine, i’ll play with your hair”
  • “ashton we have company pls put a shirt on”
  • *giggling*
  • “how great is dave grohl”
  • peace, love, and blowjobs
  • tummy raspberries
  • naming your pets after stars and greek gods
  • “you’re******”
  • “would you pls stop taking pictures of me”
  • “what does that tweet even mean”
  • “no, you had vegemite toast for lunch”
  • “ok babe but look at the sugar content”
  • throwing his hair out the window like rapunzel
  • “sorry daddy”

(also see: dating michael)

“That song is a classic. I hear you, I do […] but it sure is catchy.”

“You know I can hear you, right? […] every word, crystal clear.”

Metatron has been the perpetual author stand-in since Metafiction, if not before. He’s always told us about the story, told us how the story was gonna go, and told us what to look for in the story.

So TPTB are letting us know that they love telling this story, and there’s a way they’ve always told this story, but they hear us and are taking us into account.

I myself have been guilty of snarking at the Supernatural twitter account. When they said, “How far will Sam go to save Dean?” I was like, “OH GEE I WONDER, probably far enough to get into enough trouble that fixing Sam will comprise the season eleven arc, and if they get renewed Dean will go to unimaginable lengths to save Sam so that we can get a season twelve arc!”

But they hear us, kids. This endless cycle of “How far can you go?” was subverted by the show even as Sam descends into partnership with Rowena. Because every single member of Team Free Will was asked, “What’s your endgame?”

Dean’s is retirement and creature comforts and oddly gender-neutral romance, Castiel’s is undefined but his usual plot points (saving heaven, tracking down rogue angels, everything that’s kept him busy since season five) were ridiculed and ruled out.

Sam was a little different in that he got asked what brought him here as opposed to where he was going, but he’ll get there too.

So let’s let Sam get past his last sacrificial plot arc, and concentrate on Dean and Castiel for a second.

They BEGGED THE QUESTION here. Begged it. Metatron goaded Cas about what the hell his purpose was, ruled out his usual purposes, and the only thing left was Castiel’s “Save Dean” arc. The only thing left, for Castiel, is Dean. He’s exhausted all his excuses.

They begged the question so hard that I genuinely stopped breathing because I thought they were going to say that outright, but they presented us a math problem and asked us to solve for x. I won’t truly be satisfied until the math becomes a simple English-based declarative statement, but until then I’ll be over here on tumblr solving for x.

And Dean? Dean is done. Dean is tired. Dean wants to relax on a beach with gender-unspecified partners and booze, and by god he’s earned that. Will he get it? Lord only knows, but at least we have confirmation that he wants to semi-retire and not die.

And what do we have? What has this episode given the viewers?

In short, it’s given us a promise.

“We love this story, this is how we tell this story, but we see what you’re saying and we’re getting there. Look at these characters talking about endgame. Look at the narrowing down from humanity to Dean. Look at Dean’s lack of a death wish. These are all key for the thing we’re trying to do for you, just be patient and let us get there in a way that’s authentic for these characters. We found a way to make ‘Charlie sitting at the table in the kitchen of the bunker playing Fortune Tellers with Team Free Will’ canon, LET US GET THERE.”

For the first time, I am not throwing out caveats. I am not saying, “If XYZ happens and ABC doesn’t happen, this could happen.” I’m not saying, “This is the story I’d tell.” I’m not saying, “This is how you tell a story, why aren’t they following through?” I’m not saying, “This is likely but heteronormativity is a hell of a drug.” I’m not saying, “This is my analysis of what’s probably going on.”

I’m just saying, flat out, that we’ve gotten the message from TPTB. Be patient, let them get there, let them tell this story the way the Winchesters deserve, but we’re going there.

Destiel is a go.

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Hi! Just wanted to message you and say that I'm a 22 year old college senior girl who has never kissed anyone either. Kind of glad to know I'm not alone because I always feel like I'm the only one in this situation. <3 so if you feel that way also just know that someone out there is livin life the same way!

high five for being in the same situation! yeah, it always just feels like i’m the only one and it’s like this secret that’s not really a secret?? if that makes sense?

but yeah, you’re not alone! :D

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