TRANSLATED TV SHOWS: Part Three (Previously: part one, part two

There are a lot of boring names for TV shows
House. Lost. The OC. Glee. Bones. Girls. Monk. Medium. Boss. 

I’m glad other countries are having so much more fun with them.

(Disclaimer! Lost was also called “Disappeared” in Hungary. Somehow it had two titles. I don’t know how or why though)

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Based off this prompt that both vickyvicarious and this-too-too-sullied-flesh reblogged, requesting a ‘the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU. This started off as a brief little happy, but kept getting longer.


(Half of this was written at 4am and Firefox apparently hates me. This is the first time I’ve written anything since high school, so please critique away.)

Rated F for Flustered

Emma startled awake, her entire body reaching for the alarm. She was halfway there when her brain registered that the LCD numbers currently etching themselves into her corneas were much too low for her liking and that wasn’t music filtering through her ears. She flopped back on the bed and blinked slowly up at the blackness above her, idly wondering if she could shoot the fire alarm from her bed.

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pixelglitter said:

Hi Kelsey! I just discovered your blog and have been reading through your Castiel tag. I just have to ask... how do you (and other's as well) feel so optimistic about Destiel? I've been in love with the pairing since season four premiered but I've never let myself think it could actually ever happen in the show, especially with how they treat the vast majority of the women in the show and how they've shown Dean's negative reactions to blatant displays of male homosexuality. So what gives?

Everyone gets fridged to further Dean and Sam’s manpain. Not just the ladies. Somebody did an actual body count analysis and found out that your best chance of staying alive on Supernatural, statistically, was to be a black woman. 

Do they have problems with making the women more cardboard cut out than the dudes? Occasionally. But we’re getting Paper Moon next week, which is a story of the ONLY SURVIVING WEREWOLF from Bitten, who is a girl. As hardrockdean pointed out, the promo shots with her and the other girl have a potentially exciting queer vibe. And later we’re getting the Lady Sheriff Buddy Cop episode. So they’re improving, at least.

Dean’s negative reactions to homosexuality have never been about actual homosexuals. Dean has some pretty deep seated effemiphobia (which andythanfiction goes into great detail about here) (do not engage this person before reading up on him, fair warning). In a line of work where not being strong enough can cost you your life, he puts a lot of faith in his “I’m a Manly Man” talismans: hard drinking, skirt-chasing, driving a panty-dropper classic car, leather jackets, and mullet rock. 

His brushes with homophobia have always been about making the other guy in a fight seem more feminine than him, because feminine equals weak in Dean’s mind. It’s all about intimidation. Dean has a storied history of lashing out with gay jokes when he’s backed into a corner (I love, LOVE the way the show has begun to deconstruct this in the Carver era).

In his actual encounters with actual queer people, he’s been nothing but supportive and accepting. I mean, for God’s sake, what was that look in the season eight finale Cupid bar scene if it wasn’t, “Oh shit, shoulda thought of that as a possibility, I’m a dumbass.” 

Here’s how I stay positive: I look at the story. 

There are too many things in the narrative that point to Destiel for it not to go canon. I have gone into great detail about this many times. You just have to be patient and let them tell the story in the way it works best.

Enjoy the story. If you’re only tuning in every week to see if Destiel becomes canon, honey, you can skip everything but midseason and season finales because that’s the only time it’s ever going to happen. Don’t tune in every week with bated breath like, “IS THIS THE WEEK IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?!” because it’s probably not. They’re not in the right place in the story for it to happen.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great story anyway. 

The Evolution of Cancer

We all know at least one person who has been affected by cancer. Cancer is devastating and difficult to fight because it is a part of us: our own cells turned against us, growing out of control. But how exactly did cancer come to be? Is it a modern plague caused by the pollutants that had become all too common in the twentieth century, or something older, more insidious?

A new study led by a physicist at Arizona State University in Tempe aimed to address just such questions. Together, a cosmologist, an astrobiologist, and an oncologist have come up with a new evolutionary model of cancer, arguing that the unchecked growth characteristic of the disease may have once been a way for cells to stay alive when put under stress.

Because cancer affects so many different animals, it must have evolved back when life was still limited to single cells that reproduced by splitting themselves in two. Thus, when a cell was threatened, dividing unchecked was a way to ensure that at least a few copies of the cell survived. This tendency to switch to unregulated proliferation has stayed with us, but now that we exist as multicellular organisms, it causes disease rather than survival.

This is just a preliminary model, and much more experimental evidence is needed to determine whether it is true or not, but if it is, this could suggest new approaches to treating cancer. The model suggests that this ability to switch to unchecked growth evolved when the earth was much more acidic than it is now and had an atmosphere with less oxygen, which means that cancer cells are keyed into those environmental factors. Thus, treating tumors with high oxygen and chemicals to lower the acidity may switch off growth and shrink tumors. Needless to say, this would be good news for cancer patients.

This is also interesting because it could lead to a better understanding of how the biology of a cell changes when it becomes cancerous, which could tell us something about how various signaling pathways evolved. Chemical signaling is essential for telling cells what they need to do and when they need to do it, which is pretty important for organisms made up of millions of cells doing thousands of different things. Problems with signaling often lead to cells becoming cancerous, so understanding how those pathways came to be can help us to design better cancer drugs that target those pathways specifically.

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But no Blake though

We just had her a few episodes ago mention how she felt that she was always running away, leaving behind an empty shadow to take the hit. She hated her semblance because of that, because it was a reminder of what she always did

But now, with that dust cartridge Weiss gave her, her shadows turn into elemental based stand ins, that usually end up blowing up in her enemies face or give her an advantage. They become something substantial, and something that isn’t just a shadow.

With her team, she not only has the ability to step back, but come back fighting. And a whole lot worse.

anonymous said:

Alright, my enthusiam and belief in destiel has gone down dramatically since 10x03 because I just felt the episode lacked depth and if destiel disappears the second JA directs or BRL write an episode then it just feels like destiel is situational or something, only occurring under some writers but not really there across the board. so for meta requests, I don't know, can you touch upon how this three episodes 10x01 to 10x03 supported destiel?

We are on completely different pages, apparently. Because I thought 10x03 completely supported Destiel.

I’ve touched on this here and here, among other places.

To give you a brief summary:

  • Sam’s “I’m gonna go get Dean some cholesterol,” absence was straight out of the laziest Destiel fanfic in the universe.
  • As was the “Let’s talk about relationship boundaries” moment with Hannah. Cas knows when people are getting too physically intimate, which totally changes the interpretation of ninety percent of Destiel scenes.
  • Dean takes the fanfictiony explanation of having a female in the car (WHY WOULD CAS SAY THAT IT’S SO UNLIKE HIM) as the misdirection it was intended to be, plot-wise. Look at his upset little face and tell me it wasn’t a straight-out-of-fanfic misunderstanding of what’s actually going on, complete with bad communication skills and Sam not being there to ask Sam-like clarifying questions.

I can’t remember who came up with this meta initially (I blame Miller Lite), but Dean’s bed is a metaphor. The pillow was in the center of the bed, the cross hanging over it, for a good portion of season nine. But when Dean was laying in bed listening to “Lonely is the Night,” the focus was on the empty space.

I’m only saying this for the people who aren’t familiar with the “Dean’s bed is a metaphor” theory, so let me sum up. The soft white light (always associated with Castiel) washes over the left side of Dean’s bed. He’s added another nightstand, he’s made a space for someone else to fill, the cross over that side of the bed is tipped over and fallen, it’s part of his journey to find someone who fills that space. 

That empty space is a visual metaphor for the fact that Dean really wants to find someone to fill that space, and all visual indicators point to Castiel.

So when Cas comes in to have their fanfic-trope-heavy conversation, what happens when Cas mentions the girl in his car? (without saying “Hannah” even though Dean’s met Hannah, because FANFIC TROPES)

Dean leaves the no-personal-space bubble of eyesex to start sorting through and rearranging all the shit on the left side of the bed. It’s a very strong visual metaphor for Dean’s need to rearrange and sort through all the shit that emotionally keeps him from having a space for someone else to fill. For having the ability to say, “Oh god, I have to clean up my emotional messes so that someone can sit here and answer the season nine opener question of ‘Who Do You Love?’”

He got all fucking upset about Castiel’s “female” and tried to rearrange a visual metaphor of his life to keep Castiel with him. Complete with the same, “I’m glad you’re here,” in the same tone of voice he used in season nine, the “please Cas just stay here, I don’t ask for much,” voice that broke all of our hearts in the bar scene.

And it was directed by Jensen Ackles, which I will never get over. Jensen knows about the subtext, and he played into it as a director AND as an actor.

If you aren’t seeing how they’re gonna go Destiel, you aren’t paying attention. 


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badwolfrun said:

Kelseyyyyy doomsday was on bbca and I tuned in halfway through and was like "nope" but then after ten minutes I gave in and tuned back in just in time for the heartbreak to begin aghhhhhh it's so painful but so pretty at the same time

my legit reaction when i read this:




METADATA: Nick Lowe (and made slightly more famous by Wilco) - “I Love My Label”

You don’t even need to hear the song before you can tell that it’s not actually going to be about loving a label. Most artists aren’t quite this bold in proclaiming their frustration, though.

Nick Lowe is a British songwriter and rock musician. He’s had some solo hits but also wrote chart busters for other acts of the day, like “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding” for Elvis Costello. He and Costello worked together extensively, and Lowe also worked with other new wave/pub rock greats like Graham Parker. His influence has been felt far and wide, even if his name hasn’t – Wilco and the Arctic Monkeys have called him a hero of theirs. He originally wrote the song in defiance of Stiff Records, whom he left with Elvis Costello in 1978 after label cofounder Riviera quit to start Radar Records, which didn’t last long.

Wilco covered the song in 2011 a few months before they released The Whole Love. Their version is pretty true to the original. Lowe’s mastery of rough-around-the-edges pop is on full display in the grooving track, which has a Big Star/Bad Company vibe to it, with some soul thrown in for good measure. Gotta love those Hammond organs.

Presumably Wilco’s cover is a reference to their infamous early-aughts struggles on Reprise Records, which was owned by Warner Brothers. After a 2001 merger with AOL (go figure) and massive layoffs, Reprise president Howie Klein was ousted. Klein had been in Wilco’s corner and his firing left them without allies in the midst of recording and trying to release Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The album was not only rejected; Wilco was forced to leave the label and self-release after negotiating a buy-out (which any artist can contractually do if the label refuses to release). They streamed it for free on their website for a short while until releasing it on Nonesuch Records in 2002. It has since become a critically beloved indie touchstone and the group’s best-selling record.

-Kelsey Butterworth

wingsdestiel said:

Headcanon: Dean and Cas fell in love on their way out of hell (which likely took a while) but when Dean was rebuilt he forgot, so Cas is the only one who knows. He just never knew if he should tell Dean or not.

This is one of my favorite headcanons.

That it was YEARS of rebuilding that didn’t translate to topside-time, that Dean fought it but eventually gave in, that Cas spent years coaxing him back to a shining human soul. And somewhere along the way they fell in love in a violent clash of wills, but the sheer emotional trauma of the moment when Dean’s soul reverted to humanity erased it all from Dean’s mind.

And Cas has spent the last six years trying to get Dean to fall in love with him again. And now he knows it’s worked, because Dean has fallen the same way he did before: reluctantly, angrily, and with many a misunderstanding on both their parts. Cas’ wrecked-as-hell face when Dean said, “You gave up an entire army for one guy,” was his realization that Dean had fallen in love with him again.

And now he’s just trying to get this heaven shit sorted out so that he can get Dean’s shit sorted out so that they can deal with it properly. After all, he’s ancient, what’s a few more months in the grand scheme of things?

I love this headcanon and will snuggle it to death forever.

i-had-free-time-once said:

Kelsey! I really wish I had your faith that Destiel is going to happen. I want it to happen so badly and the way that you explain the episodes makes it seem like it will. But I just so strongly see the writers doing the typical. Castiel will grow to love Hannah or some bullshit. Dean will continue to womanise. Etcetcetcetc. And it totally breaks my heart.

You have no faith, and you know what, that’s okay.

I’m sitting over here in my un-poppable bubble of positivity and it’s a great mental place to be, but not everyone is there. You don’t have to be there. 

I still seethe when I watch Orange is the New Black because Piper is bisexual but even one of the most progressive shows on TV won’t fucking say it. I get that everyone has been burned before, representation-wise, and sometimes by Supernatural specifically. Previous showrunners have tried to no-homo Dean and Cas’ relationship so hard it hurts.

Trust Carver. I’ve already said today that the Carver era is where Destiel became intentional. I’ve already said to trust the story structure.

Every time one of my destiel-positive posts gets popular, I pop a bowl of popcorn and open the Xkit tag viewer. Amid the thousands of “#THIS #THIS IS WHAT I’M SAYING #BLESS YOU” tags, there are always at least a dozen people who are like, “I really want to believe this but I can’t,” or, “Sadly, this would only happen with different writers or a better show,” or even blatantly shitting on me like, “Don’t spread this stuff around, it gives people hope and lets Supernatural continue to queerbait the shit out of us.”

And it always makes me so sad. Because trust me, I used to ride a rollercoaster of Destiel emotion every week. But when I finally took a step back and started looking at the narrative structure and the business of making television, I realized that we are being told a pretty cohesive story that’s a lot bigger than any given weekly episode of the show.

And Destiel is an integral part of that story.