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(1/2) hey... i'm sure u heard about what Yixing said in an interview a few days ago. I know that he probably didn't meant it what he said, but it still bothers me. I'm not butthurt that he isn't gay, I just think that especially an idol can't say that "they are really mens" after asked if he/they were gay. I'm totally okay with the fact, that he is straight, but what he said keeps me in thoughts for the last days...

(2/2) I don’t think i’m not a real man, just because I’m gay, and I’m a bit hurt that he sees homosexuals different…. And it’s weird, since he kissed Sehun one time and didn’t really seemed unpleased about that… Or do I just misunderstand and he meant something different? I really hope so… Sorry for bothering you, but I think you guys are really understanding, and won’t be offended if I tell you about that… and sorry for my weird and bad english…

I wished to not answer any kinds of ask regarding this issue. But because this was asked by a guy and I think I am in the position where I would speak in behalf of this blog, I would try and explain.

As you all know, I am openly an Yixing biased. I cannot justify the things he said in that interview. I admit, it was said in a prejudiced manner a bit. I was angry at people when I found out what these people were bitching about at Yixing. But you know how Yixing is. He carefully think about the things he said. When he is posting stuff in weibo, when thanking all the fans, when saying how much he values EXO-L, he thinks about it a lot. Maybe this time, he did not think before he spoke. Maybe it was something cultural. Being a homosexual in the west is quite different in Asia. I am from a country where there are openly homosexual entertainers and homosexuality is being more accepted. Also, the context of homosexuality here is different. When you say someone is gay, the automatic notion is that a guy wants to be woman-like, wants to have a body of a woman, wants to dress as a woman. In the west, being gay is not always like that. Being gay also means that you are a man that prefers another man as a sexual partner but you will not lose your masculinity. That being said, Yixing maybe wanted to address that they are not gay but did not have any knowledge about gay people who are manly and because he has limited korean, he ended up saying “We are real men”.

All I wanna say is I am sorry if you feel offended with what Yixing said. I am sure he did not mean to offend lgbt people. I just think it was a matter of language barrier. IF only he has the knowledge about this, I am certain he would apologize right away to make everyone feel better and to address his mistakes. Likewise, please understand where he was coming from. We all just want to get along and spazz together :) Again, I am so sorry if you feel that way. My deepest apologies.

-Admin M