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This is Hand’s Down my Favorite Jawn @t the Moment. Too Bad it completely makes me think of someone who doesn’t deserve a moment of my memories. Peace to the lovely @Iveyp for hooking A Cat up with 6 more song’s on top of the one I asked for. Putting Benny Sings in my life was A Blessing and I appreciate it for real.

Dutchy dutchy Dutchy

:::pauses Vampire Diares::: Makes A Classic Beat.

Inspired by & Named after my homegirl @iveyp (PeanutButterCookiez)….  I had the Sample for a Few Years, and Saved it as PBC, and due to my Extreme Scatterbrained Creativity, mid episode of Re-watching the Vampire Diaries on Netflix, I decided to Shift a few Snares and hi-hats, Sequence Some sounds and all that Jazz           and Thank god I did cus this Jawn is the Butters!!!!  (Pun Intended)

Inspiration = Follow http://iveyp.tumblr.com/

Peep her Portfolio Here @ http://pbcactivity.com/

I’ll post the beat another day tho.

Dutchy Dutchy Dutchy out <3