In September I’ll have 4 years of making beats under my belt. That shit crazy cause it really feels like I just started not too long ago. Every year been goin up kind of hard to give shit up when you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1st year - no one uses my beats.

2nd year - Starting fuckin with my nigga Frais (made a few blogs including mishkanyc) & then 2dopeboyz blogged us

3rd year - then illroots blogged us & then fader blogged us

Year not even over yet and it’s getting lit.
Next year I’m breaking down hella doors. MARK MY WORDS

Struggle rapper vent (don't mind me I ain't get no sleep so I feel like complaining kinda)

I get a small piece of change when my shit get plays on YouTube so if you broke but you trynna support just play my songs on YouTube 10000000000000 times. Lol

Or on spotify. But spotify really do be raping niggas. That ain’t no bullshit. Taylor swift crying bout it like she ain’t seeing 100 show or more. But whatever. Idk how tidal giving niggas. I ain’t seen tidal on my thingy that be having all my numbers. All these streaming services ain’t really giving niggas much but fuck it. At least they giving us something. I be trying tho.

Blogs is slow as fuck now. Few years years ago if yo shit got on 2dope nigga you was on. Illroots. Fake shore drive. Okay player. They still show love but ain’t the same. Gotta find some new ways to reach out. Get out there.

My bad Ima go back reblogging my bullshit


“ I wanna remind niggas to stay safe in the Ville where’s it’s kill or be killed and the crime rate higher than the whole team rank so we up 10 more funerals than football games. ”