Just another day of 2nd grade

AIM was also pretty much the start of social media. There was a lot of exhibitionism. Away messages were the peak example of this. Sometimes the away message you left up for nine hours was more important than any conversation you had that day. It was the original flex. It was the original tweet. You wanted to let people know that you had an awesome life. Away messages were basically a way to say, “Your lame ass is on the computer but I’m out here getting it.” You left away messages like that when you could. You also found out about fun stuff other people were doing via away messages and felt left out.


A few months ago, Travis Scott visited Japan for the first time. While there, Uzi documented the journey as Travis hangs out with Verbal, hits the studio, visits BAPELAND and shuts down a few shows. Also a very rare interview with La Flame. Look out for more ’ILLROOTS Documentaries’ on the way. Watch this visual here.