"I hate anime" I say to myself while clicking the next episode

okay so my dash is dead and there are awesome people out there that i have not yet discovered and both of these are unacceptable

reblog if you post any of the following:

- hetalia

- snk

- blue exorcist

- sword art online

- ouran high school host club

- doctor who

- sherlock

- harry potter

- nature photography

- politics [ from a neutral standpoint ]

- humor

so yeah


#koutabaweek || Day 7: Happiness
"And then, this time, a better one… I want to tell the me that was crying, thinking that nothing had ever even started back then… that something actually started. It had already started." ~ Futaba.

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get to know me meme : favorite actors [2/5] max irons

"I play the guitar. I used to perform at school – and, once, I played in front of 650 people. I thought I did quite well – but, two years ago, a close friend of mine said to me, “Remember when you sang at school? You were shit!””