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Today at MCM expo London was really fun! My staff was a hell of a lot sturdier than I thought and didn’t break in the slightest :D

I met some really friendly people today and quite a few recognised me despite me being the ONLY BOUEIBU COSPLAYER IN THE ENTIRE PLACE CRIES. Maybe some will show up on Sat&Sun but I wont be around :( 

Special thanks to pandorasweetheart and your pal for being great cosplayers and wonderful friendly people, I hope to see you around again one day! ^u^

ALSO massive thanks to miami-moonrise for being my photographer and bagboy for the day :’) wouldve been such a hard day if you weren’t there bruh!

anonymous asked:

Can you make an imagine where the host club guys give solice to their s/o after they find out their pet died?

So I tried imagining my dog dying and aahhh ;; I can’t fathom the sorrow all pet-owners whose pets have passed away experienced, I am truly sorry

Tamaki: Tamaki knew the love a pet owner has for their pet, so he cries with you. He would go through all the pictures you have of your pet, with you, and he would listen to you patiently, of stories how they annoyed your mother with all the dirty droppings and how they stuck with you when you were crying over your exams. The reminiscing made you sad, but Tamaki was there to hold your hand and with his soft, gentle voice, tell you that at least your pet was in a place better and so much nicer. That even though they were gone, you would always have a special place in your heart for them.

Kyoya: Kyoya would spend a quiet day with you, leaving all his tasks behind. With your head on his shoulder, he would listen to you patiently, hold your hand while you mourned.. Kyoya soothes you with his voice, he’d tell you funny little stories of his adventures with your pet, in hopes the laughs and the pleasant memories will cheer you up, and remind you that their pet has loved them so much and has given you so much joy, enough to last for a lifetime. You two spend the whole day in bed, just talking and talking.

Kaoru: Kaoru enters your room, armed with your favorite food and a few good movies. He turns on Marley & Me, and you both eat chocolate chip ice cream as you watch the dog-themed movie. Kaoru hopes the movie would give you comfort, in the idea that, once in your life, you had your best friend who you loved and who gave you love so much. He lends you his shoulder when you start bawling by the end of the movie, and he whispers the lines of John Grogan. “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

Hikaru: Hikaru brings over pillows and comforters, and he builds a pillow fort around the blanket burrito you’ve formed around yourself. He then dives in with you and just embraces you. Hikaru offers no words but he’s there to listen, and he’s there to rub your back, caress your hair, kiss your lips when you can’t stop crying. He won’t leave you alone, until you’re fine or if you want some time to yourself. He calls you each night to help you talk the pain out, and he won’t hang up until you’re better.

Mori: Mori comes over to your house, and brings over groceries. He then cooks you your favorite dish, and holds you when you become too upset to eat it. Mori then sings you your favorite song, while you’re crying, which he hopes will make you at least feel a little better. He is there for your every beckon, because he fears he’s not good enough with his words to give you advice and encouragement. But he patiently is there for you all throughout your healing process, as you slowly bid farewell to your pet, by your side.

Hani: Hani comes armed with cake and sweets and chocolate, and because he can’t stand the sight of you crying, he ends up crying too. Hani also brings over the thousand pictures he has taken of your pet, and you both laugh while crying, reminiscing all the fun memories. But he is also there to offer you encouraging words, wise advice to help you get through your tough time. Hani is there to remind you that your pet will always be in your life, maybe not physically, but always in your heart and in your mind. 

Haruhi: Haruhi, like Mori, makes you your favorite dish, and after eating, sits down with you over tea and biscuits. She is quiet, knowing no amount of words nor hugs can fully help someone who’s experiencing the pain of losing another. But Haruhi, from experience, knows only time can heal, only time can stop the never-ending flow of tears. And she is patient with you, through every call in the middle of the night, through every breakdown, through every loss of motivation. Haruhi will always be there by your side, the stable anchor in your moment of chaos.

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