to this day one of the funniest things about karkat vantas is that he doesnt even use a sickle thats supposed to be a weapon. he doesnt use a war sickle or a rad reaper sickle. no. this fucker uses farming sickles. his sickles were meant to be used to cut pumpkins.

*Sending this back around for the day crew!*

So here is my horribly rough sketch of the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Running Team. I’m having them be the Knights because they are noble and honorable, much like the X-Men try to be!

My thoughts:

Put this on the front of the shirt. And then make the back jersey style with the last name up top and a number below that. For example, since I love Rachel, the last name for mine is most likely going to be Grey-Summers with the number 13 below it.

If you guys are interested in one, let me know. I’m going to be the supplies this weekend to make them! It might take me a week or two to make them all, but I would love to make you one if you want it!

What I would need from you would be the last name you want on the back (be it any X-Men character or even your own if you want), a number (nothing higher than 99, don’t wanna dip into the triple digits), the size of your desired shirt, and your address to mail it to.

No, there will be no cost to these. I am making these as early Christmas gifts for you guys because I love y’all. (*NOTE: I will ship anywhere)

So if you are interested, please let me know before Saturday, when I’ll buy my supplies. Yes, these will all be hand made, so no one shirt will be exactly alike. And I promise, the front logo will look better than this drawing.

So yeah! (:

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