One of my letter writers tacked this onto the end of an e-mail.  For some context, I am applying for jobs right now in anticipation of graduating next year (the first app is due tomorrow) and I am as stressed as I have ever been in my entire life.  Yes, job season for academia begins a full year before the positions actually start.  With some elbow grease I might be able to change this blog’s status to assistant professor.  I have never been under this much pressure and the workload has never been this high.  I am barely staying afloat.  Graduate school is already thankless, but I woke up to a wonderful message this morning from fulltimeillin and now a professor I respect very highly in my department is throwing this out in his e-mails?  HOW DO NOT CRY. 

Anyways, back to preparing tomorrow’s lecture.  I will be scarce on this blog until the season ends in a month or so.

liftingscientist replied to your post “Would it be completely nonsensical to break up my starting strength…”

What you suggested is fine. Just don’t short yourself eating. I did a full Smolov routine at the beginning of the year. While I know SS is not as high volume or intensity as Smolov on squats, four squat days is still a lot so eat up!

Thanks! fulltimeillin also mentioned potentially breaking my days up into upper and lower body. Considering I am treating this all like a negotiation between me and a recalcitrant and hostile 2nd party (me and my brain lol) I’m gonna try three days a week doing what I wrote up, and if I can do a fourth I may switch to something closer to what Sara does. 

Experiments in mental and physical health, yay!

fulltimeillin said: You can always start learning though. I studied Spanish on my own for a year before I started taking classes.

That’s true. I’m considering it, although I tend to learn languages better by hearing them. I like to write things out phonetically, which is how I made learning Russian like 10000x easier for myself.

Tbh, I was mostly excited about the “cultural immersion” aspect of the program, since they pay to send you abroad and stuff.

9/23/14, The Texish Method; Also tfw followed by BBW blogs.

Squats- 240lbs 5x5

Press- 115lbs 5x5

High Pull+Power Snatch- 125lbs 12x1 EMOM

Chin Ups- +55lbs x5, +60lbs x5, +65lbs x5

Squats were fairly easy but my back started to hurt on some reps and occasionally when I racked the bar. I think my knees weren’t out enough. Pressing was good, but mildly challenging. Set 2 and 3 were inordinately hard, and the last two sets were inordinately easy. Back wasn’t feeling power snatches until I got to the work sets and started doing them on the minute to save time. Misloaded chin ups so I added moar weight to the last set. Quads are wrecked and sore as fuck from everything.

Today the weightlifting team got really into their bro-work and flexing their triceps; I’ve never been more proud of them. Even thought their first meet was two days ago. Some Lu Xiaojun style rear delt flies were done, and everyone did skullcrushers.

Credit goes to fulltimeillin for the title. My Texish method is as follows:

Volume Day- Squat 5x5 no belt, Press 5x5, Power Snatch 6x2/12x1 EMOM, Weighted Chin Ups 3x5+

"Recovery" Day- Snatch max+Snatch Variation 3-4x2-3, Fronties ramping up to 1-3x3, Bench Press 3x5 on an LP, Rows 3x5

Intensity Day- Squat 3x3 ramping, Press 3x3 ramping, Deadlift x5/2x3, SLDL x8, Ring Dips 3x5+

Brocovery day- Snatch Stuff, Curls for the Girls, Tris for the Guys, Lateral Lateral Raises, Band Pull Aparts.

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*hugs* You’re not going to get kicked out. Don’t panic.

Thanks friend. Logically I know this, but the disappointment of getting a bad grade coupled with the frightening “B-  means you fail” welcome speech we got at the beginning of the semester makes it hard to be rational about it. I had a similar experience in my first year of English Honors during my undergrad and I think I still ended up getting all A’s that year. It’s going to be ok.

Also, did you know I have a Don’t Panic tattoo?


It isn’t very effective as a panic-reducing tool, mostly because it’s a joke and an HHG2G reference, but it’s a good reminder I guess ;p

You are all brave souls...

mightymaus said: Ngl I kinda wanna see.

Inb4 my first #selfie is of a skin infection.

iliftthereforeiam said: Sounds worse than my cyst situation. Fuark.

fulltimeillin said: BRO ARE YOU OK

I don’t think it’s that bad since I didn’t need to get it cut open, but it made me sick enough to miss intensity day ):  It’s actually a lot better today.

ferrumtemple said: That’s pretty hardcore. Is your face swollen?

It resembles Two-Face from one of the Batman cartoons.

robotsquats said: Oh my

deadlifts-and-donuts said: Wtf

That was how I reacted.

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hey so doing your 5RM for 3x5 means it’s not your 5RM no more knowmsayin

Hahaha oh I mean like it’s hard for me to do 5 in a row for 1 set, to the extent that I have felt on occasion that I was on the cusp of failing it - I wasn’t referring to an old 5RM number cause I don’t think I knew those lol. I haven’t failed a rep…yet…but they’re getting awfully slow and it’s starting to feel like any day now those squats are just going to stop coming back up!

Until that point though I’ll just keep grinding them out!

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You wouldn’t out-lift them now (just like I don’t outlift the 165s now) but give yourself a few years :-P

Hahaha no I just mean like…even thinking of those weights is scary :p Although I just went and googled the NYS raw records and they’re huge but not numbers I have never seen before, so maybe someday I won’t be too intimidated to even consider competing. 

But yeah, years and hard work and we’ll see where I end up lol.

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*happy dance*

*dance dance* 

Yeah for some reason my body always gravitates towards 190#. I’d like to be a little lighter/leaner (sigh), but it’s almost more interesting to see all the different body compositions I can have at 190# :p I’m also happy to put on more muscle and stay the same weight. If I looked like I even lift I think I would care even less about my weight :p 

Though if I ever wanted to compete it would be a joke, cause how would I ever lift anything near what women in the 82.5kg/84kg weight classes lift? 

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Hahahaha side note, my semantics prof in Edinburgh wanted course evaluations, but the class as a whole had vocally not enjoyed the section on predicate logic, so Mr Very British Prof said “Please be honest, but also don’t just say ‘predicate calculus is pants’ because you just have to learn it.”

…also if this test had been on predicate calculus I would have OWNED that shit cause I did so much of it during my masters. But this was weird philosophical bullshit about symbols, icons, and indices. Fuck that noise :p