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In which I fuck up the bench press terribly. iliftthereforeiam, fulltimeillin here is my bench press tutorial.

Don’t have anything good for a separate trenning post; yesterday I did Fronties  at 225lbs x3, 3, 2, 1, Pressed 125lbs 4x4, and Rowed 235lbs 3x5.

Thank you all so much who sent me caring messages and comments over the past few days. The blind violent panic has subsided and I’m back to what I think is a normal amount of stress/anxiety for the first week of classes. Especially jazzmothmuaddib82notjuststrongforagirlfulltimeillin, glottalized, and 500fairytales - you all said some really kind, supportive things and while at the time I don’t always sound appreciative, I can’t tell you how much it helps to know there are people out there. You guys are the greatest <3

Also, the psycholinguistics lab was welcoming and super interesting and I felt comfortable so THANK THE GODS FOR THAT. 

8/19/14, In which I lose two followers for pointing out that a cartoon character is a creepy stalker.

Squats- 270lbs 3x5

Press- 122.5lbs x4, 4, 5, 3

P. Snatch- 127.5lbs 6x2

Chin Ups- 52.5lbs 5, 5, 7

Squats were rough on the first set and knees were cumming in, but last twosets were good and made my abductors sore. Will blow through 280 at this point. Maybe know tfw 405 squat by year’s end. Pressing was hard and I didn’t want to grind on the first two sets because I’m an asshole. Did the last set because I wanted to match or slightly exceed the scheduled volume. Snatching was okay. I did it on two minutes rest to save time. Chin ups were on rings, and pretty good. I held my breath the whole set instead of breathing at the top, and got more reps even though I increased the weight on the belt.

What bothers me the most about their loss is that I’ve said far worse things.

ideokinesis said: I actually assumed you were referring to your bench press as “bar bouncing”

If only… It’d probably work better if I got fat though.

fulltimeillin said: what a strange life you lead, squat pilgrim

postgraddreams said: The stories you have lmao

Working in nightlife mostly pays in stories. There’s like one story per shift at least.

8/23/14, In which I learn I am basically Finn after he loses his arm.

Squats- 275lbs 3x5

Press- 122.5lbs 3x5

Deadlifts- 405 x5 (Really more like 3+2)

SLDL+Shrug- 275lbs x8 wish I was dead

Ring Dips- +25lbs x5, 5, 6.

Squats were easy on the first set and made me lightheaded and tired on the last two sets. Bar got out of place a little on set 2 rep 5 and set 3 rep 3 but my back stayed tight and I saved the reps. Pre-injury PR matched. Pressing was kind of easy. Deadlifts were hard as shit after squatting 3 sets. If I don’t get 5 good reps next week I’ll drop to 3x3 since the last two were turtle mode. I got tired and was going to give up, but then put my belt back on and pulled them however I could. SLDL’s were hard as shit for that many reps. Ring Dips were done from a bottomed out dip instead of rings to chest. Way harder but better for my muscle ups and a good chest pump. Kept getting lightheaded and falling off the rings on the last set.

fulltimeillin Yeah, fuck snatches. Can’t wait to start fucking up jerks, too.

fulltimeillin replied to your post:I just came upon this quote again in a…

It’s a relevant construct for his theory (which, for theoretical work, is totally fine; I think lots of theories in lots of fields posit constructs that don’t correspond perfectly to things in real life).

Yeah, that’s totally fair. I guess it just makes it clear to me how sometimes theory is actually quite far removed from the real world…if in order to even build theory you have to first posit an imaginary data-producing subject. I’m sure this isn’t new to anyone but me…I’m just late to the understanding-what-theory-actually-is party.

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that’s the impression i got from what people say, and it’s good to hear that they have researchers working in a variety of frameworks like you say. i don’t have to write off the possibility of ever working there one day :)

Ugh working at Edinburgh would be amaaaaaazing! I loved it there. I don’t really like the UK PhD system though and I kind of wanted at least one American degree so I didn’t end up staying, though I was going to apply. The relationship between Linguistics, Psychology, Informatics, and Philosophy there is the most collaborative I’ve ever seen at a university. 

But seriously, the city is beautiful, mostly affordable, walkable, interesting, full of history, fun, and friendly. It’s probably my favorite of all the places I’ve lived. 

jazzmoth replied to your post “fulltimeillin replied to your post:I just came upon this quote again…”

but it’s also important to remember that even sociolinguistics needs to have theory to be a science. theory doesn’t have to be removed from real life, but it needs to be intelligible, and at this point we’re still in a baby copernican linguistics era

And that’s also a good point. I think part of my struggle is I’m still fairly early in my own linguistics career, so I’m coming upon things I was introduced to in my first year of formal study (which was 2012-13) and now realizing “wait a minute, that theoretical model starts off a long way from where language actually ends up.” In a lot of ways I think I’m just coming to realizations now that a lot of people come to earlier in their career :p So it’s not that I think all theory is wrong, but I’m realizing how some theory that I was taught is kind of far fetched. Is what I’m trying to say :p 

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i’m not a fan of minimalism, but are they against the framework of simplification, the asshole evangelizing researchers, or chomsky? cuz minimalism does some good stuff. (i hate the 2nd.)

I think it’s the last two more than the first one, though I don’t know for sure. I just remeber everyone being very vocal about how ‘non-Chomskyian” the department was when I interviewed.

quoiquecesoit replied to your post “fulltimeillin replied to your post “AAAAHHHHHH OH GOD it’s about to…”

i’m kind of surprised at the idea that they have any minimalists at edinburgh. can i ask who you had classes with?

I took intro to Syntax with Caroline Heycock twice, and while she doesn’t work strictly in the Minimalist framework she taught us a pretty minimal form of TAG both times. Peter Ackema was the other prof, he and is much more enthusiastic about the Minimalist Program, I think.

At Edinburgh I think it really depends whose teaching. This past Fall Nik and Geoff taught an LFG course, and sometimes Graeme Trousdale offers a course on Construction Grammar, so clearly my year was unusual in that regard.