I know how lovely and kind you cuties are! So if you guys wanna do some nice things for people, but can’t afford to donate, here are some links to help people in need! Make sure to turn AdBlock off if you go on these sites as that is how they earn revenue to help people!

give rice to people by playing a quiz
give someone a free breast cancer screen/mammogram
feed animals in shelters
help someone with Alzheimer’s Disease receive care
*there are tonnes of these links, just go on greatergood.com

Sites you can donate to if you like:

Ronald Mcdonald House Charities ~ these guys help sick children with hospice care, medical costs, and they provide hospital accommodation for children and their families living with serious illnesses!

This is a photograph used in an article found on feedingamerica.org. In the article, they talk about educating children about the issue of hunger. Everyone has a role to play and that even includes the children. The article encourages parents to talk to their children about hunger and to work together in an effort to end hunger. The photograph is of a mother with her two children and she is educating her children. The image is used to support the content of the article. This can be an example of a descriptive photograph as it is used for informational clarity. 

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This April get involved in the fight against hunger! Find out more facts about hunger here:





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