As a result of john’s latest video on Vlogbrothers where john spoke to his internal conflicts and the people saying bad things about him online, I here at johngreenmcdonalds decided to join the #isupportjohngreen movement. John, you didn’t just inspire this blog, you inspire my entire way of life. Now, more then ever, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome


Finally finished my Nerdfighter t-shirt quilt!!! I’m so happy with how it turned out!! No one really gets all the nerdy stuff but I know and nerd fighters will know and that’s all that matters to me!! The 2nd one down on the left is DFTBA in galifrey, sadly the camera couldn’t pick it up. I thought the constellation fabric was fitting, and I loved the handwritten-letter print too much not to have it! So grateful to everyone who helped me with this project and to everyone who taught me how to make it! DFTBA

What do you want to do today? Create Awesome by making Nerdfighter art that involves Phineas and Ferb/Hank and John + BUBBLES THE NERDFIGHTING PUPPY/SECRET AGENT?

I don’t claim to own Phineas and Ferb. 

GAAAH. I love this idea. I was just about to go to sleep one night when I had the idea and Yeah. Maybe next I’ll have a really clever Pokemon crossover idea.

Anyways Nerdfighteria, DFTBA


In Which John Sits in Front of Grey Speckled Walls

Some big Nerdfighter moments have happened in airports over the years. John discovered the arcade game that would soon become the name of our community in his first airport video on February 1, 2007 and he left the Yeti car key-less via an airport in September of the same year. In 2009, Gus the Bug was reincarnated through a request in an airport and we had a plane named after us as it flew to Haiti. In 2011, John “narrowly avoided” arrest after filming a monument to a dead sheep and in 2012 we saw question Tuesdays and watched as John signed bookplates against a gray speckled wall. It will be sad to see them go, if only for a little while. But as the past has shown, I, for one, am excited to see them return later this year or next. 

Watch all (I hope) of John’s Airport videos on This Playlist

Pictures above: (top & bottom) from “The Gray Speckled Wall Encroach: The Perks and liabilities of Frequent Flying” // (middle) the 27 gray speckled walls of John’s Airports - you can view the full color picture here

EDIT: I fixed the spelling mistake in the first gif. I know it’s not spelled specled. Thanks for hanging in there.