I decided to make myself a TARDIS nightlight! It cost around $15 (basically just foam board, hot glue, and a shop light) and the entire process took about 25 hours! Although I probably spent about 5 of those hours trying to figure out how I would accomplish the next step. BUT I DID IT AND I’M SO HAPPY (this is really my first crafty project thing so I’m super proud of myself lol)

Anyways, here’s the video going over the entire process if you’re interested. Hope you enjoy!

i moved across the country to get away from a really shitty situation, hoping for the best. as im disabled and queer things are still really rough. now that im out of such a toxic situation i know i can struggle out of it though!

my fiance and i have some savings but thats obviously not going to last forever so commissions are open again. i upped the prices a bit to accommodate for my illnesses + i intend to make this my job for at least a little while until my life is more stable. i am willing to haggle a bit! like if you just want a sketch that obviously wont be as much as a full lineart

i wont draw explicit gore or porn, illegal things, or mechs. i have the right to deny any commission im uncomfortable with or feel is beyond my skill level. you will generally get your commission in a day or two, but with how things are lately it might be a few days. ill accept payment after you get your piece!

if youre interested email me at tstske@gmail.com! if you cant afford to commission me or just dont want to signal boosts are appreciated! thank you for reading