Happy birthday to the amazing, life-changing, inspiring and brilliant Doctor Who!!!! 

Thanks for all of the adventures, tears, laughs, regenerations, companions, unforgettable villains, monsters and inspiration. 

Here’s to 51 years, and many more years to come :D ♥ ♥ ♥

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton

Jon Pertwee

Tom Baker

Peter Davison

Colin Baker

Sylvester McCoy

Paul McGann

John Hurt

Christopher Eccleston

David Tennant

Matt Smith

Peter Capaldi 

Doctor Who- (23rd November 1963 -) 


I love this scene with Rose and Tenny, especially with Rose; she has major second hand embarrassment here.

She is all in one look saying, “Doctor, no. Doctor stawp.  Doctor, please. Doctor, I am going to walk over here and act like I don’t know you for a moment. Doctor, seriously why you got to be so rude? Doctor, shut up. Good job, Doctor.”