here it is, as i am sick of those popular gijinkas going around

here they are! they are a happy, married couple. the clock guy is actually ftm trans and works at a clock factory. he likes wearing silly shirts like the one that makes his round self look like a clock. his lovely partner is agender and is an art teacher! they love wearing an apron and dying their hair fun colors. they joke green isn’t a creative color, but its actually their favorite. (i actually dont know much about the dhmis fandom or whatever or the characters i just wnated to make something sweet and happy with no ableist slurs and something everyone can enjoy.)

Ranking Philly’s Best Malls. In what he calls “A Very Serious, Not Even Slightly Humorous Ranking of the Best Malls in the Philadelphia Area,” The20’s @dhm votes for The Gallery in Center City as his favorite in a column today for The Philly Post. As he says:

"Quiet, haters. The Gallery at Market East is awesome. The ultimate mall product is sneakers, and The Gallery has a million great sneaker shops. (Mini-ranking of Gallery sneaker stores: 1. Ubiq. 2. Villa. 3. Kicks USA. 4. Finish Line. 5. City Blue.) There are two video game stores, a surprisingly decent Old Navy and a surprisingly cheap Burlington Coat Factory.

The place is stuck with tacky early-80s art and a decent amount of vacant storefronts, but even that turned out pretty neat: The mall donated studio space for JJ Tiziou’s How Philly Moves mural, now installed at the airport. Sometimes you hear New Order over the sound system. There’s a pizza place that serves dollar slices. Also, there’s a train station and three subway stops.”

Note, he doesn’t include malls in New Jersey or Delaware (sorry, Cherry Hill, Christiana and more). But The Gallery? The same place where mallgoers were peppered with flying trash and flash mobs organized? And over Franklin Mills, of which @dhm notes “If you simply must shop at a mall with a giant Ben Franklin head, this is your only option.”

The full rankings:

  1. The Gallery
  2. King of Prussia Mall
  3. Willow Grove Mall
  4. Plymouth Meeting Mall
  5. Oxford Valley Mall
  6. Neshaminy Mall
  7. Springfield Mall
  8. Franklin Mills
  9. The Shops at Liberty Place

What are your thoughts? Favorite mall in the area?


[@dhm, The Philly Post]

Photo: Getty Images

It’s a Wawa World…Forget Comcast and Sunoco—the most powerful economic force in Philadelphia these days is the one making your Shorti.

It’s a Wawa World; We Just Eat In It. The quote above is the opening to a great read in Philadelphia Magazine’s August issue from Don Steinberg about how the local hoagie, gas and coffee joint is taking over the world, developing the type of consumer loyalty that most brands would pay big money for. Some classic (or Shorti, depending on your hunger level) Wawa stats from the story:

  • It’s now the number eight seller of cups of coffee in the entire U.S., and sells one of every five cups in the region
  • Wawa sells 80 million hoagies a year
  • It’s third in the Delaware Valley in terms of overall grocery sales (behind ShopRite and Acme)
  • Wawa’s annual per-store average is $5 million (excluding gas sales)
  • It is the country’s 50th largest private company

The stats go on and on, so just read the story. But another great takeaway is from Wharton marketing professor Stephen Hoch, who says of the store’s evolution from a convenience store to a one-stop shop: ““Wawa has become a fast-food restaurant with a gas station.”

A quick Facebook search for Wawa turns up multiple fan pages of those who love the chain and Philly transplants who miss it. The branded page itself has over 760,000 fans. It remains only in five states for now (PA, NJ, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia), and selfishly we’d like to keep it that way.

As The20’s @dhm said this morning about the business that we all love, “”Wawa is part of our culture. It’s part of our way of life.”


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