People seem to be confused by this, so maybe I should elaborate haha.

It’s part of the Supernatural AU cooking in my head, same AU I drew Samantha and Deanna for.

Meet Cassidy Novak, a devout Catholic and a senior at her private school, who runs away from home after discovering the darker side of her family. The Winchesters end up taking her in, more or less.

Meged Masters (though he prefers Meg) is the street savvy son of Azalea, a high-ranking member of the criminal organization “Knights of Hell.” He idolizes the boss, Lucia, and builds his life around Lucia’s cause. 

Meg and Cass meet when Lucia brings Cass in to persuade her into joining the Knights of Hell. Spoilers: Meg flirts a lot and they end up liking each other.

Four days late to the CS GTKY game, but here I am at last! Since I’m currently curled under a blanket and lazy as hell to look decent for a picture, I’m reusing an old selfie lol.

Five facts:

1. My name is Monika and I’m a 22 year old recent college grad (got a B.S. in biomedical engineering!) looking for a job T__T

2. I was in marching band for all four years in high school. I played the flute for my freshman year and the sousaphone for the rest.

3. I absolutely hate chocolate. The smell of it makes me nauseus and the taste makes me feel sick to my stomach. Idk what happened because apparently I used to eat a bunch of kitkats when I was younger.

4. I recently played Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies and Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. My love for the ace attorney series got reignited :D (BTW HAS ANYONE SEEN THE TRAILER FOR DAI GYAKUTEN SAIBAN?!?!)

5. I just realized that I haven’t seen my natural hair color in three years… My natural color is black but I’ve been dying it a dark red brown even though it doesn’t look like it in pictures.

Beautiful Days {w/ the-fake-viola}

The unnatural thing was the scent of cookies. Upon closer inspection, it seemed Eve had let herself in again, balancing a tray on fingertips like a waitress. One who appeared to have not slept properly in quite a while.

"I… I was just thinkin’, Miss Viola," her tone was like cotton, "d-do you want these? I hope you w-weren’t hungry and all."