With Great Power Comes The Great Oz

GUEST: We’re thinking of taking our 15 year old daughter to see the Spiderman musical. Can you help us with tickets?
CONCIERGE: Well, I’d love to, but Spiderman closed last year. Is there another show you’d be interested in?
GUEST: What’s good for a 15 year old girl?
CONCIERGE: Probably Wicked would be the best choice for her. That’s definitely the most popular show for teenage girls.
GUEST: Hm. I don’t know.
GUEST’S WIFE: It’s fine, George. We’ll just tell her it’s Spiderman but with witches.


"Watch out for those weirdos, girls."

"We are the weirdos, mister."

DIY denim vest inspired by The Craft. Since Nancy Downs layered up her necklaces, so did I: an ankh, and owl skull, a crystal, a piranha jaw, hematite beads and Amazonian seeds. Buy the vest here.

anonymous said:

What kind of witches are there? I had heard there were different types.

There are so many, the list is potentially endless. Here are the ones I’ve most often seen:

  • hedge witch
  • eclectic witch
  • sea/water witch
  • blood/bone witch
  • storm/rain witch
  • love witch
  • green witch
  • death witch
  • city/urban witch
  • kitchen witch
  • paper/ink witch
  • christian witch
  • wiccan witch
  • pop culture witch

there are so many more than this though! There’s potentially a kind of witch for every kind of witchcraft.