daegu lotte department store fansign - 150525

fan: what (kind of) puppy do you think you are?
jonghyun: um…, a dsachund or welsh corgi?
fan: ah, it’s not because they have short legs …
jonghyun: (it’s) exactly because they do …
(repeats the question to taemin)
taemin: what do you think?
fan: tell me what oppa thinks.
taemin: bulldog!
fan: … why?
taemin: it’s a joke. a pug, (because) it’s so cute.
(repeats the question to onew)
onew: um, i think i’m… not a puppy.
fan: but you’re a puppy in the song. (s/n: “woof woof”)
onew: i think i’m not a puppy but… a dog. a big dog. (source: juju_home)

gwangbok lotte department store fansign - 150525

fan: oppa! during “base” (promos) you used hand cream. did you use hand cream today too?
jonghyun: no!
fan: so, you will not handshake with me?
jonghyun: no~. (he then let her take his hand / held her hand.)

jonghyun said that he’s thought of coming back to busan for summer / if he has a vacation (sometime soon). he told the fans “let’s meet at haeeundae beach.

fan: this is me playing a shinee song on (the) piano.
jonghyun: oh, really? looks like piano is your major!
fan: no, i’m an engeneering student.
jonghyun: (pauses) aren’t you the one who post a video / posts videos (of yourself) playing songs on youtube?
fan: yes?! (s/n: the fan was reynah, who’s well known for covering songs by shinee (and multiple other groups) on youtube. you can listen to some of her covers here!) (source: haejinki)

gwangbok lotte department store fansign - 150525

fan: oppa, did you sing in the background during minho’s rap part, “it’s mysterious, your eyes, your pupils”, on “odd eye?”?
jonghyun: the three of us sang it.
fan: three? with onew oppa?
jonghyun: (after his eyes grew bigger) everyone else sang it except key. (source: bysagyehan via mytaem6v6)