westallen appreciation week:

Day 7: free choice

I love you, Iris. When we were kids, I loved you before I even knew what the word “love” meant. And then my mom died, and I had to go live with the girl that I had a crush on. Look, there were so many times that I wanted to tell you junior prom, when I went away to college, when I came back from college, nights that we stayed up talking, all the birthdays, all the christmases, but I never did. I just I kept it in. After I lost my mom and my dad, I was afraid that if you didn’t feel the same way, I would lose you, too. That’s the irony. I was so scared of losing you that I did. I know I’ve had our whole lives to tell you this, and you’re with Eddie now, and I know that, and I know my timing couldn’t be any worse, but I just I couldn’t lie to you any more. I’m sorry.

                         ”LISTEN, you PATHETIC PRIMATE— it is who shall defeat the POWERPUFF GIRLS  … not YOU! 

A message from Alex, the writer.

I think before I start dishing out the good stuff it’s best to do a small recap of what’s happened over the past few weeks (it hasn’t even been a MONTH yet!). I’ve made three follow forevers, answered a ton of memes, and written a lot of headcanons… What a month. This muse is probably the best muse I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something since I’ve had so many.

I think what makes this muse especially important to me is that he has allowed me to meet people that otherwise I would not have met. He has given me confidence in my writing skills, and without him there’s a damn good chance I wouldn’t have taken up Photoshop.

All the people I’ve met here are such amazing people. They’re kind, funny, and they are overall very inviting. This is not a toxic section of the roleplay community, it’s a place where everyone accepts each other and is willing to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

So thank you all for a great (almost) first month, and I hope you have all had a fantastic year.

So without further ado, here is a special shout-out to people that have made my stay here absolutely fabulous. It is organized as follows: people within my fandom, close friends outside my fandom, and finally those who I adore no matter what!

(Almost) Equals - PPG Fandom.

thirdfiighter: Fran. Holy hell; you are someone I consider a great friend and we’ve only known each for three or four weeks at best? Unbelievable, right? I love you dearly and, honestly, I think you’re gonna go far in your life. You can-do attitude and your warm attitude and your open nature is absolutely fantastic. A rarity in these times; I wish more people were like you. I ADORE YOU!

lxader: KELLY my bae you are so sweet. You have a great understanding of Blossom’s character and, frankly, you’re an extremely kind person. I hope that this year has been terrific for you, and that your stay here has been tremendously fruitful as it has been for me. Threading with you is always a pleasure and I’m so glad that we’re friends. Your kindness and your constant positivity is such a joy to see. It lightens up my dash whenever I see it. THANK you for existing!

xtraswcct: BAT my dear, you are phenomenal. You, along with Fran and Kelly, were the first people that I really talked to here. You’re so sweet (almost like Bubbles herself, wow), and you’ve been a tremendous support to me no matter what I have done or how I have felt. I can’t express with words how important you and Fran and Kelly really are to me at this point. You are just fantastic and I could honestly gush about you forever.

utoniumisms: ​Your Professor is literally Gregory Peck if he were in a cartoon. You’ve gotten him down so well and honestly?? you’re a very kind and supportive person too. A shame we aren’t better friends, but alas— time will change that, I’m sure! Keep rocking on!

mxgalomanic: We’ve talked privately before, and frankly you’re a very kind and open person. You are giving, willing, and most importantly you have ambition. You want to go far, I can tell— and that’s something that I respect in people. Honestly I can’t wait to interact with you; you are unbelievable and I think you’re going to love your stay here!

rottenaces: Your Ace is so on point, and you as a mun are so nice. Like I’ve said before, I think you’ve given me the most important compliment one can receive about the way someone portrays a character. I still haven’t forgotten it; you are so kind and just— man, we should talk more!

greenrxbel / chaotiicalla: It’s funny to think that both of you are from the Dangan Ronpa fandom, originally. Remember that? What a fucking trip. And by that I mean what a horrible experience that was. Oh well— at least we found each other again. Both of you, Erik and Kyle, are very dear to me; you’ve been supportive and just?? Wow you are both so sweet.

moerbucks: KAY my love; you were in the Dangan Ronpa fandom too, but I think what speaks a lot for itself is how our friendship has lasted beyond that and that, eventually, you and I are going to meet. And we’re going to sacrifice those goats as we planned. JUST kidding, don’t worry. YOU are a fabulous human being. I love you so much and? You’re one of my best friends here, and probably even in general. YOU ARE FABULOUS!

rowdyruffbrick: I CAN ONLY SAY GOOD THINGS about you because one, your threads with Kelly are so freaking hysterical and two, you’re just a big ball of sunshine tbh. I wish we would talk more! We should make it happen, just saying—…

powerpunkx: LOOK IT’S BRUTE! Haha you’re getting her very well! And, not to mention that as a mun you are just extremely sweet. You’ve been very supportive of me and you’re also a very outgoing person. I see you everywhere despite the fact that you’re new. That says a lot about you! I think you’re incredible tbh. But that’s none of my business—!

brxtybit / theadorablepuff: YOU are actually Brat. I don’t know how you do it, but you do. As I’ve mentioned before, you have managed to balance these two complete opposites together so well that? I’m honestly impressed. Keep rockin’ on; you deserve everything positive that happens to you!

punkcommander: I know you go by robotisms here as well, but I’m placing you here. You are so kind and supportive. I still remember your little compliment to me which, to this day, I’ll never forget. The way you described the way I wrote was honestly one of the kindest things I’d ever heard. Thank you so much and honestly I only have infinite praise to give you for your character and just. WOW. You’re a sweetheart.

Other Honorable Mentions -- PPG Fandom

Below are people I haven’t really interacted with much, but who still light up my dash regardless (or I wish they would come back from hiatus or something IDK)!

professcr I proffxtonium I ima-sedxsa I boombxby I bloodybetrayal 

Those that I've known elsewhere.

pleatherxvest / ruggedsnarls: Cameron; screw you for being such a cool dude. Sure, I can get irritated with you sometimes (and what friendship hasn’t had it’s tensions anyway), but it doesn’t matter. You’re INCREDIBLY supportive of me, and I can only hope that I am for you. We met on your Cheshire Cat, and we bonded over Disgaea. I still remember that like it was yesterday, and I’m glad we’re still friends after all this time. It’s been a year. A WHOLE YEAR! Can you believe it? Because I sure as hell can’t. Keep PSI Rockin’ on! (excuse the horrible pun…)

afroimmortal / thedaemonsisters: I’ll just mention both your blogs here because why the fuck not. Nui. NUI… You are probably the surrogate little sister I never had. You’re unique and you flaunt your stuff like no one else. I adore talking to you about whatever, and you never bug me. You’re just one honest to god amazing friend and I couldn’t ask for better! Plus you have killer fashion sense just saying—;;

destructiveglitch: Kitten my love; we met on my Ramona and? We bonded over similar interests. I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s incredible really, how fast you and I got to know each other. I just wish that we could talk more like we used to. Things have changed outside, but they haven’t really changed inside, I don’t think. We still like the same things, and we even have similar opinions. You’re p rad, so don’t ever change for anyone.

scarysunako / cowardisms / xfaustus / eyesofwater: Nazy you have like a million blogs but who cares— you’re super cool. I really look up to your optimism and kindness (and acceptance like holy wow) and I hope that we can be friends for a long time. You’re a wonderful person and I adore speaking with you about whatever comes to mind. I LOVE YOU SO GODDAMN MUCH IT’S POURING OUT OF MY EARS!

meoweatsramen / puckish-rogue: Honestly I’m just going to always lump you two together because you guys are inseparable. You’re both super nice guys and I’m so glad that we’re talking more. You like the cheesiest stuff but for the part of me that likes that shit, it’s the best. Keep being super fuckin’ awesome, both of you. And don’t forget those 4 vital questions whenever you decide to go on that bank heist!

oskra / organdoom / injextions: I’ll lump you three together this time around because tbh you’re all equally important to me. Each one of you is like the gothiest of gothe. Rosa especially but that’s besides the point— I love you three dearly and frankly?? I can’t imagine the RP community without any of you. Raven for her kindness, Rosa for her open and honest personality, and Evan for her humbleness. Each of you brings something different to the table and you balance each other out so nicely. FUCK I could go on all day about each one of you individually but who cares you’re baes—;;

thesilencingwhisper: QUINN you are fucking fantastic. I love the amount of effort you put into each one of your muses. It’s frankly somewhat admirable? And, of course, you’re very blunt and honest and I respect that in people. You’re such a cool person and I kinda admire you tbh. Keep shining brightly!

excessiveadaptationsyndrome: ASHLEY my dear you are a very important friend to me. Not only have we remained friends since we met all those months ago (we’ve been friends for a YEAR; that’s insane!), but we’ve also gotten closer over time. You’re such a sweet and caring person and you’re also so talented at art and— I really admire you honestly. Your inner strength is something I aspire to have. So thank you so much for being there for me!

rolexwache / strategizst: Hazel I think that your kindness and your patience knows no bounds. You’re one of the most wonderful writers I know here. You put your all into every muse, and it’s astonishing how well you do it. I think that your talent definitely is worth admiring! I’m so glad we reconnected after we lost touch!

Honorable Mentions -- Becoming Closer Still.

This section is for those of you that I’m getting to know more and more, and who, frankly, I care for tremendously!

hiiroism I hamadisms I atlaxlinguist I youngestwarnersib I astraanopsia I raxcity Iexodxs I amdrxg I whatsthesiitch I ahkmenrxh I venlinahr I ofpinwheels I tutendie Ieaterofwxrlds I xnfernalis I gettingjinkywithit I zoinksandrun I bupagentkent I senijoou Iilhuicac I sola—cordis I ubxntu I macedonic I jarxth I thepeiixes

And those who remain still.

These are people who I have yet to interact with, or have. These are people that I have not really talked to nor do I know very well, but are still special to me in their support no matter what!

slxnderman I cosmicunit I cosmocoded I constantquibbling I severeharmony I kexper Ithefinalhazard I diexard I dxphneblake I devotism I innsania I alohaxe I alxbrn Iachromatic-colress I anarchiamsweets I gulais I glassmemoir I giiingerbread I griisly Izimtec I prosecxtor I projectist I solidteflon I waterbxnding I watcherofstars I winkchain Iwitchvicious I wxywxrd I rockwallerisms I xanodite I xgamora I xducere I acexfspades Ikniivesandlint I kniifethrower I kiraahachi I katziisms I spectersandscotch I sawakool Isxmniare I singingwithoutfail I schneeun I schweetsided I scammings I scissisms Ilunariism I invisuus I invisiblydifferent I otobaibitch I magnanimousmonarch Ishaggyheaded I toshootfirst I republici I redstarved I restorance I livingmetal I lxttiie Iwaraholics I princeisms I precisetodiscordia I priestofthering I hxneylemon Ihemokinetics I hiroica I robctics I robxst I tinkeriisms I tigersaremansbestfriend I mxntis Imangleisms I mxchiavillain I chheckmate I hesaphantom I gongringer I gxthgirl Ihalfaghxst I spiiicer I shxnobi I shotsahoy I ghostiism I ghostiiism I mechaniiism I psychedelia-dmt I lipsoftheredrose I linesofsanzu I mendxcity I doubledeputy-d I bluenettx I queenkanker I roxiisms I miickeysuit I millxnnium I diiscordare I cerbcrus Ixibiis I thecreaminhiscoffee I ican-giveyoustars I inhumanistic I incorrigiblepine Ithetrendsettingspy I laantern I motheringwaitress I junkyardbeatnik I avidlass I stxndby I emotiiional I mortuusisum I fidelites I tristxs I willedweak I fxgue I xursus I dracuula Ivenimem I undeadism I caulfieldiiisms I spacerxnger I dreadfulisms I pxsky I pxpergirl Icoozco I nickelimpurity I fossilizcd I alieniism I tobindthem I sacagxwea I larrydalxy Idxsgusting I electrovus I laudatesolis I misadventuringly I latterson I zymovna I not-so-courageous I shengsi I charrade I vxlka I vindictive-virus I vesidemoni I vxidus I forxm Ihexingmage I iiichabod I iinvulnerable I hisprodigalson I violxntdeath I sqiritually Ibeeaholic I weaponizd I xjenny-9 I maiestati I theblackpearlscaptain

Miscellaneous Additions.

rocketcandycouture I actuallyhim I leonibuki I tirbushon I sinkshipsxo

SO, in conclusion, I only have this to say. THANK YOU all for a fabulous first month. And a fabulous conclusion to the year. If I forgot you (which I’m sure I did given my desire to get this out so fast), worry not! If I follow you, I will do so forever. And here’s my proof:


If you’re on it, you’re forever in my heart. Thank you guys so much. I love each and every one of you and I can’t express my joy right now better than with this little thing. I would do a giveaway, but I’m doing one right now, so count that as an additional present to you all for keeping up with me and just… being fantastic people.

                                                                      Love, Alex.


blue night radio - 140818
guest: taemin
full / subbed by arpheda


roselalondeprobably tagged me in the “six selfies of 2014” thing!! I can’t believe this all happened in one year; it was a beautifully wonderful one spent with old friends and new!!

the whole only six selfies thing is a dumb rule though i had such a hard time narrowing it down to only six u g h

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