I want to treat her like a princess, I want to spoil her with gifts, I want to kiss her lips and I want to kiss her face, I want to watch her smile and her face light up because of me, I want to hold her in my arms, and I want to hold her hand while I listen to her talk about anything and everything


Summer didn’t want to go shopping today so I have not been downtown. And no, I wasn’t allowed to get my license. Is there a place in walking distance? 


We’re in the middle of nowhere. There’s.. nothing within walking distance. Except fields and more Stafford.


Something tells me that you didn’t plan this very well.

dominantsterling said: Is he a dwarf hamster?

He is. He’s a Robov… Robovorsky? Wait. Roborovski Hamster. Got it in the end.

triskadancer replied to your post: triskadancer replied to your post: Glo…

i swear to god someday im gonna like release an album titled ‘some tumblr social justice bullshit’ entirely made of fart sounds and it will go platinum

track 01: not all men

track 02: my autistic cousin

track 03: the matriarchy

track 04: not all men (reprise)

track 05: the friendzone

track 06: reverse racism

track 07: i am friends with two trans and am dating a trans

track 08: the ‘a’ is for ‘ally’

track 09: bisexual? so you’re half gay.

track 10: stop making up words like ‘cis’ and ‘privelege’

track 11: not all men (hard rock remix)