so my friend fiero requested this thing 

some of the texts are too small for me to make out and thus i used my own interpretations i am gomen

and they end up doing *ahem* for the rest for the night yeah happy end uvu

oh and before i forgot check out the artist’s tumblr too (she doesn’t have this posted there though)


Guys guys!!

So as we know from le character bible, Kise’s specialty is ‘handling MINEral water’. And as far as I know, and if my old analysis doesn’t deceive me, this is what handling MINEral water is actually is.

(Edit: So handling Mineral Water is a different thing altogether, thanks to majikise for pointing that out >////< But let’s just assume that the main topic is about Kise’s way of drinking water instead of his talent mmkay? >///<)

But even if that is not it, let’s just talk about Kise’s way of drinking le water okay. Actually let’s take the image from the manga instead.

So I have been wondering if it’s just his habit or something to drink the water from le water bottle that way. He can even do that while talking //hit

But then, while reading the manga, I have noticed things and actually, let’s cut the story short and look at these pictures of Aominecchi from the Teikou arc.

Oooooh! And then there is another one too!

( ≖◡≖) ✧So I think we can conclude from who Kise develops this habit of his, right? I mean, trust Kise to copy everything that Aominecchi does! >////< From his style of basketball, to his school grades and even the way Aominecchi drinks his water!

Also please don’t question my motive of writing MINEral water ////