Okay, I know I have been bugging you from time to time about all this AC Remake, or as I call, Remastered, possibility (especially now that miss Espinoza made a petition) but I want to ramble one more time and maybe, just maybe, encourage more people to show Ubisoft and the world that we would look forward for this to happen.

So, why is it actually even important and why does it need to happen?

First, obviously, 2017 is not too far and with 2017 comes the 10 year anniversary of this particular game that started everything. It would be even in a way stupid not to remaster the game.

Secondly, sadly, many people skip the original game and move on straight to AC2. They have no idea who Altair even is, to my surprise, I have no clue how they play Ezio’s games and AC Revelations especially with zero knowledge of the most important character in the series. And I’m not even exaggerating (read this, also this).  

Furthermore, let’s not lie to ourselves, the series are going downhill. Story-wise especially. If you know Altair’s story, you know how rich and amazing it is. Not to mention the diversity and Altair’s views towards women and equality in general. However, it is all scattered in a badly written book, mobile games that barely anyone touched and a PSP (?) game or something. Anyways, getting to the point, the remake would bring that nice nostalgic feeling, as well as being a part of a real Brotherhood once again. Reliving how it grew, how it fell apart and was put back together by one man, who planted the seeds for literally everyone who came after is really rich and inspiring.

Finally, people skip the game fearing the repetitive gameplay and probably old graphics too. As someone who played original AC so many times and still is playing, I agree 100% that with everything we have now, the game is not too appealing for someone who decided to start playing it now. It lacks the story too, considering it covers such a small part of Altair’s life.

But this game won awards, was noticed by so many, loved by even more, and it became h u g e  series. Because of this game. This ‘crappy shit gameplay’ game. And that is why it needs to return. I know, I’m just a person with my own opinion and I can’t make miracles happen. Not yet anyways. But, maybe, just maybe, I can find people who want the same things. And even if we don’t succeed, let’s remember that at least we tried. We need to get the word out. That we all can do.

So please, if you haven’t done it yet, sign the petition for Assassin’s Creed remake. If you have any questions or doubts or anything, you can message me any time. Thank you!


This is the only video of Hyuk you’ll ever need again for the rest of your life I promise you.

here’s a few goals for 2015 (◕‿◕✿) :

  • love yourself and appreciate yourself 
  • try new things
  • take more pictures
  • travel around the world
  • read more books
  • find your personal style - try different things out and figure out what suits you and your personality best
  • learn something new - learn a new language or skill 
  • sleep more - sleeping is good for u ok
  • think positively 
  • become happier with who you are
  • bond with your parents more
  • put yourself out there more
  • appreciate more, complain less 
  • set realistic goals -  don’t be too hard on yourself 
  • drink more water
  • surround yourself around positive people
  • get good grades trying your best is enough

Shigeru Miyamoto says Nintendo working on Next Gaming Console

"For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware, but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be.” said Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto

alright this picture of joe trohman and his daughter has been stolen from joe’s personal facebook so if you see it, don’t reblog it. don’t reblog pictures of the guys’ kids that they haven’t publicly posted on twitter or instagram. the fact that people have to write out these psas over and over each time it happens is getting tiring and people should know by now to not steal pictures from personal sources