the antiblackness of #yellowout and #brownout

the anti blackness of #yellowout

hi i specifically came to this blog with this post because 1) i am an asian woman, and 2) aagu holds asian face appreciation day, which is similar to #blackout

there are non black people, both white and non white, who are trying to copy #blackout by stealing and renaming the hashtag, such as #brownout and #yellowout.

some people are doing this in retaliation, like this post by ofhoneyanddeath:

Starts #yellowout in response to #blackout
Bet tumblr never saw that coming…
But that’s ok because tumblr tends to not see Asians (or Hispanics for that matter) anyways!!

while others are co-opting the hashtag in a similar way colorblind people changed #blacklivesmatter to #alllivesmatter, like this post by breio:

to my fellow non-black POCs: a #yellowout, #brownout, #redout, would be a fucking great idea, but if you’re doing it to derail  #blackout, YOU are the problem.
to white people: don’t make a #whiteout tag. respect yourselves

both reasons are anti black at their core. there are black people posting about how co-opting the hashtag is wrong, and yet non black, non white people don’t appear to be listening.

for example, this post by priestmahad makes a great point:

I’m always amazed at the lack of creativity when it comes to showing “pride” within non black communities. Because it seems like you all sit and wait like vultures for black people to do something and then take that same concept, switch out the world “black” for whatever and act like you did nothing wrong.

do people get angry over asian face appreciation day on such a large scale as #blackout? the former has been a recurring thing for quite some time. but #blackout has only occurred once so far. and yet there is a lot more outrage and attention directed towards its participants than #afad. i guess you could say that’s because angryasiangirlsunited contains asian face appreciation day to the blog. but the intensity of #blackout is due to the hypervisibility of black culture, like priestmahad points out. this hypervisibility unfortunately means that we do not acknowledge black culture, spaces, and social media movements as things worthy of our respect because we do not see them as true culture.

how can we post about how harmful the appropriation of our cultures and identities are and yet disrespect that which belongs to black people? do we think just because we identify as people of color, that as long as we aren’t white, we cannot harm other non white people?

one of the problems is that we don’t even understand what it means to identify as a POC.
here is a video of loretta ross explaining the origin of women of color:


they didn’t see it as a biological designation; you’re born asian, you’re born black, you’re born african american, whatever. it is a solidarity definition. a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed women of color who have been minoritized. now what’s happened, you know, in the thirty years since then, is that people see it as biology now. […] why are you reducing a political designation to a biological destiny? that’s what white supremacy wants you to do.

if we are anti black, then we are not women of color. and since black women are the ones who have given us the title, they have the right to revoke it if they do not think we are actively fighting for them.

i have some requests of this blog (and tbh of all of us asian women who truly believe in carrying the title of women of color):

  • there’s a blog called stfuantiblackasians that, although now inactive, still provides a great resource for us to learn about the ways we harm black people, and inspire us to do better. since angryasiangirlsunited seems to have a lot of followers, i think it would be a good idea to reblog many of that blog’s posts.
  • i was wondering if there are any black asian mods on this blog. if there aren’t, i’m asking you to find some because black asians are often left out of asian-centric social justice discourse, which is anti black and downright unfair.
  • i’m also asking that this blog becomes more strict about the use of aave. for example, instead of posting submissions where someone uses aave just to put a mod’s note at the top that says, “i stopped reading once i saw you using aave,” maybe reblog from black people who have talked about the importance of not appropriating the language instead of giving that anti black person the satisfaction of having their submission posted.
  • and! that this blog not post things that single out black people for saying something racist towards an asian person. i cannot help but think that the reason behind doing something like that is anti black. i’m not doubting that it happens, but it’s more that the damage we do by being anti black outweighs the impact anything racist they do towards us.
  • also, as i type in this submit box, i notice that there isn’t an anti blackness tag amongst the other suggested tags. maybe start a tag on asian anti blackness?

thanks so much for reading this.
black people fight so hard for us. it’s time we do the same for them.