Title: Descriptions

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,445

Rating: G

Warnings: just a little bit of swearing here and there!!

Summary: just Phil describing a few of Dan’s features omg prepare for mushy gushy stuff :3

Author’s Note, yay: what do you mean I haven’t posted a fic in like a month?? what?? omg?? but anyways. astronomy, it turns out, is not the super thrilling class I was expecting it to be. Or, at least, it’s not yet omg. ANYWAYS, I got kinda bored one Wednesday in class and was like AYYYYYYY U KNOW WHAT’D BE COOL. A BUNCH OF DAN’S FEATURES DESCRIBED BY PHIL. THAT’D BE SO GROSS AND CUTE. And here we are. :DDDD SUPER HUGE MEGA NEON-SIGN SHOUTOUT TO MICHELLE (THATSMISTERTOYOU) FOR GRACIOUSLY TAKING THE TIME TO BETA THIS, WHAT A SUPERSTAR TYSM <33333333 

*a thing: if there’s ever anything you need me to tag, please please please let me know and I’ll take care of it!! Thank you bunches you’re a cute little flower <3*


Phil starts with Dan’s hair.

It’s brown, but red too: there’s the tiniest, tiniest tint that you can only see in certain bright sunlight and Phil calls Dan “carrot top” when he see it. Dan tells him to shut the fuck up. Dan’s hair is thick and it looks it, but Phil never really knew how thick it was until he touched it for the first time—ran his fingers through it, gently combed out tangles, made Dan curl his toes and lean into him. Dan doesn’t like it curly, even though Phil and the majority of the human race is completely in love with it. Dan’s curls are wide—they’re crazy at times, they have a mind of their own and reach out for you. Dan says when his hair curls, it flirts with more people than he does.

Phil loves it. He loves Dan’s hair. The texture, the style, the way it matches his, but it goes in a different direction. Everything. Absolutely everything.

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