SHINee_ Sleepless Night

This is tHe vrs that makes me cry EVERY TIME….esp the shawols in the crowd crying OMMMGGGG i feel you girl i feel you…and LOOK at taemin singing omgmgmgmg

I'm your boy tour 14/11/23

Minho noticed that there’s a bug on Taemin’s neck. Minho then laughed and pointed at it and the bug flew away. Taemin didn’t seem to know what had happened but looked scared and flustered. Minho deliberately touched his neck. Taemin jumped in surprise and Minho was surprised, too, and laughed out loudly.


141123 2min at JAT2014 in Hokkaido ♡

♡ While bowing at last, Taemin holded Minho’s hand once but let it go. Then Taemin opened his hand and held out it to Mino in order to entwine his fingers with Mino’s fingers !! Tae took the initiative in entwining fingers !! ( _taeminho_ )
♡ While all members were doing thumbs up gesture with their right hands, 2min was holding their left hands behind their back !! Since my seat was at their back, I could see that moment clearly TTTTTTT ( _taeminho_ )
♡ While TaeKey was singing in front of Minho at Dream Girl, Mino patted Tae butt. Then Tae shook his butt cutely with a big smile ♡♡ ( aionee_51 )
♡ During MC, Minho found that there was a fly on Tae’s neck ! Since Mino pointed at it and laughed hard without driving it away, Tae could do nothing but was frightened. Then Mino touched Tae’s neck on purpose. Since Tae was scared to death, Mino laughed so hard ( mean Mino ) ( aionee_51 )
♡ While members were doing thumbs up gesture, Taemin wrapped his left arm around Minho’s neck. After Mino shook Tae’s arm off playfully and kept doing gesture, Tae tickled Mino archly. So Mino couldn’t hold his laughter. 2min was in their own world … ( e_thica )
♡ Minho !!! bit !!! Taemin’s !!! shoulder !!! ( AyaSsck )
♡ During last talking, Minho twisted Tae’s left arm !!! I didn’t understand why Mino did that ! Besides it seemed Mino smelled or bit Tae’s shoulder !!! Anyway, 2miiiiiin (;_;)♡ ( 2min_Twomin )
♡ While 2min was dancing facing each other at DTB, Minho seemed to tempt Tae with moving his index and middle fingers. ( looked like ” Come here baby ” gesture ) ! Then Tae gave Mino his angelic smile ♡ which was my best 2min moment tonight (;_;)♡( 2min_Twomin )
♡ During Run with me, Taemin was standing in the wrong place and Key led Tae to the right position. Minho noticed it and looked at Tae. Then 2min smiled at each other . ( e_thica )
♡ During MC, Minho looked at Tae’s face and laughed so hard. There was something on Tae’s face and Tae kept wiping it on his mouth … Then Tae asked Mino whether he cleaned it clearly. But Minho was like ” Huh ? Anything wrong with my mouth ? ” and Tae was like ” No ! not you ! my mouth ! ” They were pointing at their own mouths ( which looked funny ) ( e_thica )
♡ During last talking, Taemin noticed that there was something on his lower lip. When Tae asked Mino something like ” Did I get rid of it successfully ? ” Then Mino was like ” I’ll remove it properly later ( after the concert ) ” I read Mino’s lip ! ( This is not my imagination ) They looked like it for sure ! ( 2min_Twomin )
♡ While 2min passing by at Juliette, Mino patted Tae butt !! ( e_thica )
♡ While Mino vowing towards dancers at Bodyguard, Tae imitated Mino and vowed. It seemed like Tae said ” Thank you for caring my husband ” good wife Tae ! ( e_thica )

* Eng trans : fukumin99
I'm your boy tour 14/11/23
  • Key:What is the name of our concert? It's the same as our album title↑↑!
  • t/n:"same" in Japanese is "onajiku".
  • Onew:Ku↑↑!! *imitates Key's tone while putting up nine of his fingers*
  • t/n:"ku" in Japanese is "nine"
  • Minho:Kuuu! *imitates Onew*
  • Taemin:Mi Fa So? (since everyone's doing the tone upwards)
  • Jonghyun:*punts Taemin from behind*
  • Minho:*hits Taemin's head*
  • Onew:No, it's So Fa Mi ^ ^
  • Taemin:So Fa Mi?! But isn't that tone downwards?
  • cr:keihissi