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Emily never fails to mention how her TWD family, specifically Lauren, Steven, Norman are her Best friends. Scott is like a second father to her and we know they have lunch together etc. But out of the other three Norman is the only one who seems to live up to the best friend part. They must really have a special bond for him to drive for an hour, then hang out and drop her back to her band and drive be back. I really can't get over how sweet they are to eachother.

Yeah I kinda side eye some folks… It also makes one wonder what actually happened bts… But NR, he’s a sweetie. Truly an awesome friend. And Steven is a sweetie to. NR also hangs out with Scott as well. Those three (NR, EK, SW) are clearly very close. and SY seems very close to NR and EK… In glad because those folks are my favs anyway!

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hauskafakta: hullu exäni luuli (ja luulee edelleen) olevansa vampyyri. siis tosissaan luulee. 🙈

toivottavasti syötit sille käytettyjä tamponeja (+ onneks se on sun exä :’ D)

My mom was very good at teaching us that there are so many years of your life when you will have to wear makeup, so it’s important to enjoy the years of your life when you don’t. Enjoy the face you have. She always said she didn’t understand concealer—dark circles under the eyes can be one of the most moving things on a human face. When you’re an actress, you get wonderful lighting and professionals doing your makeup and retouching you, so you can lose track of what you [actually] look like, which isn’t perfect—no one is. I try not to wear makeup when I’m not working so that I can see my face. I’m not interested in a world where everyone looks glamorous all the time. I find that quite boring.