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Stiles and Lydia travel across the country to New York City. What begins as a spontaneous vacation as friends soon progresses into stolen kisses and sweet, romantic nights tangled together with the streetlights glowing through the open blinds. Mornings are spent much the same way, with the streets outside bustling and the smell of coffee rousing them to the adventures of a new day. The night life and tourist attractions in the concrete jungle pale in comparison to the love they finally get to share together.

Graphic Tutorial #11

This tutorial has been a long time coming! (Not to mention I had the whole ting written and ready to post and then it disappeared.) It’s a sort of “how to manage a psd that doesn’t want to work for your images, but you like what the preview was” and picspam tutorial. The coloring can be adapted to fit most shows if you’re willing to work with it. As usual the extent of the tutorial is under the read more.

You will need:

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