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Actress Ryoo Hye-Young Twitter Update:

Note: She is in C-JeS with JJ and played the role of NIS agent No Eun-ah (Sunwoo’s female colleague).

[TRANS] Everyone knows he’s multitalented, is also sweetest. Whoever gets to know him would take his side whenever
I thank him and cheer for Kim Jaejoong my brother, always. I am your Big Fan! Faithful!

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So, I’m doing a little thing for March (MARCH IS LADY TIMES DONTCHAKNOW?) showing off 10 Favorite/Best covers for some of my favorite superheroines.




STORM here!




BUFFY here

Catwoman has had several long running series and a lot of great cover artists, as a result her covers are kind of an embarrassment of riches. Still these are my favorites (I think!). Sorry for the blur on a few of these, couldn’t find higher res images and tumblr is all annoying about controlling size.

Here’s the “criteria” I used for these very unofficial lists.

1. Cover must feature the lady in question, but it doesn’t have to be HER book.

2. The lady must be a “co-star” on the cover or better. So a Team shot is okay if she’s CLEARLY at the head of it/leading it/front and center.

3. Also worth noting that I take into account the ENTIRE cover including how it handles title block and things like that. Sometimes covers with crappy title block (or no title block) will still make it through, but it’s maybe worth knowing that I consider all that stuff. *shrug*

I think that’s it. Not super scientific. I also make no argument that these are objectively the “best covers ever!” they’re just my favorites, MY bests. Lists are, as always, incredibly subjective.

10. Catwoman #40 (Variant). Artist: Dave Johnson

09. Catwoman #9. Artist: Paul Pope

08. Batman Superman #14. Artist: Jae Lee (almost a cheat but tell me you’re looking at anyone but Selina, she just owns this cover)

07. Catwoman #40. Artist: Jae Lee

06. Catwoman #53. Artist: Adam Hughes (this one might rank even higher as it’s just stunning, but since that is Holly in the costume, not Selina, it’s less definitively Selina/Catwoman than it would otherwise be. Also I hate the heels…of course I do).

05. Catwoman #2. Artist: Dawyn Cooke

04. Catwoman #43. Artist: Jock

03. Catwoman #37. Artist: Darwyn Cooke

02. Catwoman #79. Artist: Adam Hughes (huge points for color and text integration even if it maybe feels less “Catwoman” than some others might)

01. Catwoman #64. Artist: Adam Hughes (so Gotham, so Selina, so Catwoman. So perfect).

Huge love for Selina. Swoon-y.


Kim. Jae. Joong. I don’t have words to describe you that would do you justice. I just don’t. You were my first bias ever in my entire life, and could I have asked for a better one? Your voice, your face, your personality, your heart. Every part of you is beautiful, inside and out. Today you’re entering the army. It’s crazy to even imagine a year without you, let alone two. It breaks my heart, but duty is duty. I’m so proud of the man you have become. Your music has helped me through a lot in my life, along with your childish antics and jokes. Especially your laugh. I could never resist joining in when you laughed. So, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the songs, the laughs, and even the tears. I will wait patiently for you, just like all your other loyal fans. Because why wouldn’t we? You’re precious, Jae. God Bless. See you in two years. <3 AKTF 

- A Cassie.