;out of storms

Lucid Dreaming

going as far back as he can remember he was left with two choices of parties. His roommate and him make their decision and while pulling up to the party they realize how boring it looks. Fast forwarding to the night as I lay in a room with 2 others. I glance to my right and see this tiny creature. Picture Caterpie infused with legs of a praying mantis but thick. The other two continue to play with this creature but he uses run… lol

He ends up outside on this path with a few others and continues to the end. He comes across this glass structure with illuminating walls. All white light. As he enters he shuts the door behind him. He is then greeted by Whoopi Goldberg. She seems a little distressed while showing him through this structure.
He whispers “I’m onto you” completely fucking with her lol. She lost it and stormed out. Amazed by his actions he follows her out.

The settings have changed. Apocalyptic with a night sky. People running, trash everywhere. His reality check triggered he whispers. “I’m dreaming.” Suddenly everything stops and the world around him start to shake, as usual. He’s used to it but then sprints down this road and soars into the air crafting this hot air balloon that can move at high speeds.

The setting now changes into a more calm pink sky as his balloon reaches a beach. He looks down and is greeted by Selfie C throwing a football. Her attempt to reach his altitude was hilarious. It was like watching a child trying to hurl a baseball.

Anyway, he jumps into the ocean while everyone gasps. constantly whispering “I’m dreaming” every few minutes. He looks into the water and groups of killer whales head into his direction. Now knowing what everyone meant by their reaction he remains unshaken. He creates a floating wooden plank to conjure up some fish to feed the whales. Someone approaches…

This mysterious man says “We’ve been watching you, come with us.” On his journey to what was next referred to as The Hotel, he losses somewhat of his awareness. He gets caught up on how to distinguish his reality by what happens next. Once they arrive the man stabs him. The pain felt unbelievably real as the man tells him “you can’t just lucid dream without the consequences. you can’t go around creating imbalances in our world of physics without paying The Hotel.”

His death allows him to awake in actual reality. His ability to return in his current state of dreams immediately is remarkable. he closes his eyes and recreates this image of him walking up to a stage in a small cafe setting. He begins to play the saxophone and in the crowd is the same man… Afraid of dying, he is in tears trying to explain to this man and his men he didn’t know about any rules. Explaining how he was just having fun and how he learned this skill. The men enter a room while he try’s to flee.
His attempt was one that started with running that lead into dashing and flying like those characters of Dragon Ball Z. Bobbing and weaving between the structures then finally onto a mountain top. What he saw next triggered his reality check. “I’m dreaming”…

He looks down to his feet and with his right hand grabs his left foot and pulls up his leg, over his head and across the back of his neck onto the other side. Creating this beautiful rock solid, black scale of a dragon onto his whole body to fly through this valley of giant tornadoes. The way the landscape was being torn apart by the tornadoes is indescribably beautiful.. His attempt was successful then changed his appearance to that of Optimus Prime to scare off the men behind him. Being in his Lucid state he is aware of good they got him. He laughs on how strong his consciousness can still fool him time to time.

His excitement awakens him. Being way too excited, he cannot focus in trying to fall asleep again. His room remains dark so it gives him a sense of time. Times remain unknown but his next awakening was that of sunlight shining into his room.

lapelosa bromanceshmomance whatiwishicould honestly where do you guys get the idea that it’s totally fine to observe and analyze and form an opinion about a stranger’s gender and sexuality like y’all claim to be super great allies and advocates with your fucking rainbow heart icons and shit but none of you realize just how dehumanizing your actions are and how unsafe of a place your blogs are for lgbtqia+ people

Simple Salt and Burn

Prompt: Y/N and Dean are dating but get into a fight that results in Y/N storming out, stealing the keys to the Impala and going on a solo hunt. When Y/N gets back Dean is furious until he sees what she looks like.
Pairing: Dean X Reader (Sam X Reader friendship)
Word count: 940 words
A/N: This is my first one shot (not requested) so tell me what you think and feel free to request anything!

You slammed the bunker door and without a seconds hesitation stalked over to the Impala, hopped in and set off driving. How the hell did he think he could talk to you like that!? Okay so you had dropped your lighter and nearly got Sam killed, and yes you felt horrible but Dean had gone too far.

You looked over into the passenger seat where your hunting gear was sat. You knew where you were going. You needed to hunt to clear your head and lucky for you, Sam had been researching a spirit in East Texas and had left all the research open in the library. You figured you could drive there, simply salt and burn then stay over and drive back. Sounded to you like enough time for Dean to get his shit together.
Okay so maybe the salt and burn hadn’t be as simple as you would have hoped. Turned out the spirit really didn’t want to leave, so long story short you now had a large gash down your forearm, a sprained ankle and one massive head ache.

You pulled the Impala into the parking space outside your motel room and gentley hoped out, trying not to put weight on your ankle. You winced as you grabbed your bag and walked into the room. You walked into the bathroom after dumping your stuff on the bed. You peeled off your clothes and hopped into the shower.
Back at the bunker Dean was losing his mind. Sam was getting annoyed that his brother blamed you when it was his fault you had left. He didn’t agree with what Dean had said to you and didn’t understand why Dean was giving you such a hard time.

“Where is she? Goddamn it Y/N answer your phone!” Dean said as he slammed his fist into the table.

“Dude, you need to calm down.” Sam said as he walked into the room. “She can look after herself, she’ll be fine, Dean.”
Back at the motel you had stitched up your arm and wrapped your ankle but could do nothing about the bruise’s forming under your eye and jaw. You sighed and decided to call it a night. You were exhausted so you were asleep before your head even hit the pillow.
The next morning you got up early and hit the road first thing. You didn’t want to see Dean yet but new if you left it any longer he would hot wire a car and come looking for you and his precious baby. You also owed Sam an apology for almost getting him killed.

You drove all the way through only stopping once for gas. Soon you were pulling up in front of the familiar place you now called home. You sat there in the car for a few minutes not quite wanting to face a pissed Dean yet. After about 5 minutes you got up and walked up to the door. You took a deep breath before slowly opening the door and walking into the familiarity of the bunker.

“Where the hell have you!- what happened?” Dean’s mood changed in a matter of seconds as he took in your beat up appearance. Your jacket sleeve was ripped so the bandage over the gash was showing, the bandage around your ankle was showing over the top of your boot and your bruises were looking slightly darker than the had been yesterday. You dropped your bags, snapping Dean out of his trance.

He took a few steps until he was standing in front of you. He reached a hand up to your face but you shrugged him off and went to walk past him.

“Hey Y/N, you okay?” Sam asked as he walked in he looked over the scene in front of him before he took in your various injuries. You nodded at him and he walked out again deciding it was better to let you two figure it out.

As you went to start walking away again, Dean caught your uninjured arm and spun you round to face him. You looked up into his dazzling green eyes that were filled with worry all the anger extinguished. You held you gaze hard as you waited to hear what he had to say.

“Look I’m sorry I over reacted over the last hunt, its just… I can’t lose you or Sammy and I came so close to losing you both.. I-I just didn’t know what to do. I’m sorry.” He reached a hand to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck.

You thought over what he had just said and you knew it was true, family was everything to Dean. You sighed and ran you hand through your hair “I suppose I can forgive you on one condition, I get to drive baby whenever and where ever I want all month.” You said with a cheeky smile. He chuckled lowly and gave you a lopsided grin.

“If it means I don’t have to sleep alone tonight then deal.” He said holding out his hand for you to shake. You ignored his hand and pulled him down for a kiss.

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Hehehehe… I’m going to make myself cry but I came up with this one this morning..

Dawn never was a big fan of dual wielding. She preferred her high tech saber (think Ezra’s blaster/saber combo, just more high tech - of course she was going to learn from her uncle :P) and her utility belt; full of surprises that none of her rivals would expect. Paint bombs, boomerangs, you name it. However, Kanan always encouraged that she should at least be comfortable with dual wielding, “you never know if you may need that skill, so stop complaining and train, munchkin.”

Then the dreaded day comes. Vader. The menace. Everything seems to be going well. With a look, a nod, and a wink to her father, she goes off and sets the next wave of explosions, taking out the remaining storm troopers. She jumps in victory. She turns to search for her fathers eyes, for his approval, only to be met with the sight of her father’s lightsaber being dropped to the ground, and Vader stabbing him through his heart, letting him drop to the ground.

Her father was right. She was going to have to use that skill. But she never expected to dual wield Kanan’s lightsaber, without him. But she sure as hell wasn’t going to let her father die for nothing.

*runs and hides while screaming “SORRY FOR THE PAIN!”*

so I’m (re-)reading an Ava Gardner bio atm and oH MY GOD 

 Richard Burton was nearly electrocuted. A significant scene had Shannon, in a symbolic gesture, cutting loose the cage of a captured iguana. The iguana refused to run away when the rope was cut and so an electric wire with a 110-volt charge was used to get the lizard moving. Something went wrong with something, and Burton was touching the iguana as they shocked it. Burton’s whole body felt the charge, and he was lifted straight into the air and crashed to the stone floor.

ok ok here are some more things about memory of the forest

  • there is literally.  an event.  called shiro yuri.  as you might have guessed from the name, it’s full of some rather heavy-handed yuri subtext.  actually, i don’t think subtext is the right word for it.  it feels more like the text is now sentient and is running around with a giant megaphone shouting “THEY’RE GAY”
  • ok enough teasing.  here’s a quick synopsis of the event.  it begins as togo shows karin a lily-patterned bookmark yuna gave to her a while back.  as this is happening, they see yuna handing out a similar bookmark to another girl in class.  togo gets super jealous.  when yuna comes over and offers to walk togo home, she tells her to find happiness with some other girl and storms out.  (jesus christ togo it was a bookmark not an engagement ring).  yuna tries to go after her, but karin stops her and asks her to explain her side of things (she was probably aware that togo was still listening on the other side of the door.)  yuna says that togo had cheered her up when she was depressed and now she was giving out those bookmarks to other girls to spread some of her “togo-san power.”  togo comes back in and apologizes and they start getting all lovey-dovey.  fucking nerds.
  • one event has the hero club rehearsing for a culture festival skit.  the play is romeo and juliet, directed by itsuki (you can probably see where this is going already.)  yuna is playing romeo, and fu manages to get karin to play juliet (by teasing her, as usual.)  everything’s going fine until they get to a romance scene and itsuki’s like ‘ok now you guys have to kiss,’ to which everyone replies, ‘wait what the fuck.’  fu gets so flustered that she can’t stop stuttering and stammering for the rest of the event.  karin suggests that she and yuna just bring it in close enough to make it convincing to the audience, but itsuki is absolutely adamant that no you guys have to kiss like right now, so karin asks togo to kiss yuna in her place.  cue embarrassment.
  • the relationship between fu and karin is really sweet and it gets a bit of development in some events.  when the hero club is tasked with showing a group of visitors around the school, everyone is worried about karin because.  uh.  she’s kind of rude.  togo teaches her how to be polite, but fu begins to worry that her elegance lessons are working too well and that karin will never be her old self again.  when karin walks through the club door after the tour acting the same as usual, fu is so happy that she cries and hugs her.  (this isn’t the only time fu hugs karin, but my japanese isn’t that great so i don’t trust myself to give an accurate description of events.)
Storm Chasing || Odin & Liana

Odin had been out taking photos of the storm when it started to get really bad. In an attempt to save his camera from any extensive water damage, he ran into the closest building, which just so happened to be the library. It seemed that a lot of people had gathered there, and after a few minutes of searching, he spotted a familiar looking redhead. 

“Hey, you.” He says as e walks over to her, waving slightly. “You’re actually studying in this weather?”

you told me i left with
“about as much grace
as throwing a cat into traffic”
to which i could only think
“i guess i’ll have to try harder next time”
and there’s always a next time

surely i don’t need to remind you about
the looks on our neighbors’ faces
as they watched through their windows
the first time i stormed out
dragging a duffel bag behind me
my bare feet crunching on bits of broken wine bottles
the whole way

or how they all just shook their heads
nine point five days later
when i came crawling back
hands and knees raking over
the same busted up shit

i thought about how we walked around in
circles of amnesia
taking slow enough steps to forget
that there’s always a next time

you stood on the other side of the bathroom door
as i stood at the sink
yanking out bits of glass
and washing the scrapes with soap
when i was done
you kissed my collarbone soft
and handed me a heart shaped bandage

it fell off in the middle of the night
and pooled blood into the white duvet
in a perfect world you wouldn’t have noticed
you did.

next time i slam the door
i hope our neighbors stand on their porches and watch
as i trudge off like a boomerang
for the “last time”
i hope they turn away and
avoid eye contact

they know as well as i do that
walking away from you
is a twelve step program
and i can’t stop walking backwards.

—  i promise i’ll stop looking at couches on ikea.com when you’re not home, by fionnuala casey

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It has finally happened to me. At my local game store, I ran into a major tumblr user who kept declaring they were a demisexual dragon otherkin and they stormed out of the store when no one would use their pronouns (which I couldn't even pronounce let alone remember). At first I thought they were joking, but their brother informed me of his embarrassment and that he can't get them to stop throwing fits in public about it. I am stunned.

That poor brother.

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Here's one! Storm scrying; going out after a powerful storm or other natural disaster once it's safe and looking at piles of debris for omens, messages, or divination purposes.

Oh, that’s awesome!


Emma, Regina, Red and Belle from OUAT in Disney style

I get excited when I manage to catch the likeness! That’s the easy part - it takes way longer to draw all the princess hair, ho boy.