"The bigger problem is that Justin’s actually kind of a brat, and the pair don’t actually seem to e n j o y each other’s company all that much once they are t o g e t h e r .

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Psmith is like that friend who has weird ideas and at first you’re like “haha wouldn’t that be something” and then you’re like “hey wait a second, that WOULD be possible. In theory” and then you’re going “ahahaha what am I doing” as you’re doing it.

XD YES. So much. 


#Team Self Esteem message brought to you by arguably the prettiest boys of K-Pop: Chubby girls can be attractive.

even more snk actor au

in the first episode they have carla’s actor underneath the house under what looks “crushing” but the stuff isn’t heavy at all in fact, a child could lift it up easily and that’s exactly what happens and eren shrieks “you’re free, ma!!!!” and they have to tell the kids they can only pretend to lift the beams

when they film the scene where eren wraps his scarf around mikasa it’s all quiet and really intense and then grisha’s phone rings and he picks it up and he says “you’ve reached doctor grisha. if you’e looking to cancel your appointment, press 1. if you’re looking to abandon your son and turn him into a titan, press 2. if you need a consult, press 3.”

annie and eren are notorious for dicking around while they’re doing their motion capture for their titan fights and frequently supply their own dance moves when they flub the fight choreography

the courtroom scene where levi beats the shit out of eren has a few extra takes because the first time levi tries to do his big fancy kick and he slips and mikasa laughs so hard she cries and she keeps laughing even in the other takes

when hanji talks about how she hopes to find an abnormal and levi grabs her by her head and says “i see one right here” he accidentally leans too far because his horse wasn’t close enough and he falls off

the scene where mikasa says “annie fall” takes a few times because she’s feeling cheeky so she improvises a few times and says stuff like “bye bitch” and “later loser” and “fuck off”

bert doesn’t have many lines for the first season so he has the habit of trying to “photobomb” all the shots to make up for his lack of involvement so there’s a lot of weird shots were half of bert’s head is awkwardly in the shot in the background

the director gets pissed one day because they film half a scene before they notice erwin’s wearing levi’s cravat and levi’s wearing erwin’s bolo tie like honestly guys we’re on a schedule 

annie has to cry for that one scene and she doesn’t like taking the eyedrops that make her cry because they really hurt her eyes so she’s like “don’t worry guys i can cry for real just give me something to cry about” and so reiner’s off set shouting horrible things like “dead puppies! your best friend is moving away! your parents kick you out!” and none of it’s working and then armin yells “the ending to the iron giant!” and she sobs 

what if harry’s daughter lily was a squib and so she’s sent to a muggle school and all her adventures are like “Lily Potter and the Mathematician’s Formula” and “Lily Potter and the Forbidden Football Field” and “Lily Potter and the Biology Incident” and she makes friends who teach her cricket and slight of hand and she goes home and totally weirds out her brothers every year with all the cool muggle stuff she’s learned