Blink-182 being on everyone’s lips.

Hey everyone and welcome to yet another Tumblr Awards yay!

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  • Be a Supernatural or a multifandom blog
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  • Winners will be picked on the following Saturday
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  • Best Icon
  • Best Posts
  • Best Graphics/Edits
  • Best writing (submit us both something you have written!)
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best Supernatural
  • Best Multifandom
  • Best Upcoming blogger, under 800 followers (you need to send us both your follower count so that you can be considered to this part!)
  • Cassandra’s personal fave
  • Veera’s personal fave
  • Best Overall
awards for winners
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awards for runner ups
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Thank you for entering and good luck to all of you!! If you got any questions 
just message us c:

AWKWARD: Muse A is an extremely popular senior, while Muse B is a nervous little sophomore. One day, Muse A happens to find a particular interest in innocent Muse B who’s just trying to get good grades and not get into any kind of trouble. With every intention of making Muse B theirs, Muse A begins to talk to ( a very flustered ) Muse B all the time, trying to become buddy-buddy with them, inviting Muse B to parties, talking to them all the time, and so on. Muse B finds this a bit awkward ( and a bit endearing ), but isn’t too sure what to make of the pursuing senior.