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*this is a very different side of me. this is dom!daniel radcliffe. if you don’t like it that’s fine but i needed to get it outta my head. and nwadadnama kept encouraging me. so be warned you all, this is not your average happy go lucky, always cute and cuddle dan… this is what he’s like in my head… and he’s delicious :evil grin:*

*also please be kind, i’m posting this after a whole bottle of wine so there may be some rather obvious typos and such, my tablet is not tipsy typing friendly*

Dan walked into the bar and instantly regretted it. The flashing lights and loud music weren’t really what he was after tonight. But he’d promised his mates he’d meet them while he was in town and this is where they choose. A quick glance around he realized that; as per their usual his friends were late. Finding an empty hightop he took a seat and tried to blend in with the crowd of yuppy hipsters.

"Hi." A voice said rather close to his ear as he scanned the fringes of the club. With a start he turned back towards it and came nearly mouth to mouth of a pair of beautiful full red lips. They curled slightly up at the ends and then pulled back to reveal piercing brown eyes; lined thick with black liner and a pleasant pale round face framed with dark bangs and long waves.

"Hi." He replied still taken back by her closeness. The air around him still smelled of her shampoo; something fruit, tropical. "Sorry." He continued shaking his head slightly to clear his daze. "Was this your table? I didn’t see anyone here so I just…"

"No." She laughed glancing over her shoulder back towards the bar. "Your going to think I’m really lame but…" Dan pinched his lips together knowing for sure she’d recognized him and was going to ask for an autograph or something worse. "I kind of told that guy over there that I was here with you. " she finished looking back at him. Dan’s brow pinched together as he processed her response.

"Oh, right um…" she glance over her shoulder again and he followed her gaze. "You mean that big beast of a man? With all the tattoos and angry snarl on his face?" He asked. She turned back to him with a worried grin.

"That’s the one."

"Oh well psh…" he replied with a laugh. "I can totally take him." When she laughed it instantly widened his smile.

"Im really sorry. You were just the most unimposing guy I saw here so…"

"Well… thanks. I think." He responded. Her eyes went wide and she quickly back pedaled.

"No not like that. I just meant. Not like a creep. You looked normal. Nice." Dan laughed as she fidgetted awkwardly in her seat. Glancing down at his phone he noticed the flashing orange light and flicked open the screen.

We’re here. We saw you. Don’t leave her for us. We’ll see you later. -Max

"Am I keeping you from something? Were you busy? I can leave." She said glancing over her shoulder again. "I think hes gone."

"No!" Dan said probably too quickly. She snapped back around and looked at him with one eyebrow cocked up. "Sorry. No, I just. I hate that… flashing light, " he mimicked a flashing light with his hand; opening and closing his fist. "On my screen. Its very distracting." Picking up his phone he moved it around awkwardly trying to think where he could put it. "I’d put it in my pocket but I… seem to be wear tight pants." He remarked with frustration. A smile spread across her face and lite up golden flecks in her eyes.

"They do look rather tight." She replied.

"Yip." He said making the "p" pop slightly as it left his lips. "I’ll just… flip it over." He decided aloud as he set his phone face down on the table. Dan knew that color had probably rushed his cheeks but he hoped the dull light of the club hid it. "I’m Dan, by the way." He said extending his hand. She smiled and let her fingers wrap around his then gave it a small shake.

"Amy." She replied. "So I can tell from your accent that you’re not native to New York. Or the states, I imagine."

"No, just here on business. Was meeting some friends I hadn’t seen in a while tonight." He said.

"Are they here?"

"Yea but… you’re surprisingly better company." He said with a large grin.

"Well… thanks. I think." She said tossing his own words back at him. Dan laughed and watched her full lips curl at the edges.

"Can I get you a drink?" He asked. She raised up a short glass and jingled the ice.

"Came with one." Dan nodded and flagged down a passing waitress.

"What can I get you? " the waitress asked in a husky tone.

"Just a beer, whatever you got in a bottles fine." He replied. He pulled out his wallet and handed her a card. "Just keep it open. Um… also…" he turned to see his friends chatting up some girls at a back table. "Get them a round too. Those hippy looking loons at the back table." He said turning back towards her.

"You got it." She replied before leaving the table.

"Rather bold move there Dan. Aren’t you worried your friends are going to run up a pretty serious bartab?" Amy asked sipping her drink through the tiny black straw.

"Oh they most certainly will. But I don’t get to spoil them often so… I’ll let it pass."

"What kinda business you in town for?" Dan dreaded this line of questions. She’d obviously not recognized him yet and he liked being just that unimposing guy at the bar.

"A movie. I’m kind of on a world tour." He replied.

"You’re an actor?" She asked. There was something in her tone that made him squirm in his chair.

"Yea." He laughed.

"Done anything I’d recognize or just a couple indie type things?" He could tell from her tone he was not the first actor she’d chatted up before. With a genuine smile he made the conscious decision not to lie.

"Um… yea I… I think some of my stuff has been pretty successful actually."

"Yea?" She asked in a tone that bordered on excited.

"Done a horror movie, family films, play on broadway."

"Wow! Really? That’s kind of amazing." She said setting down her glass. "Most people I meet who say they are actors haven’t done anything. They came here to find their way and end up busing rables and leeching all your money."

"Been burned by an actor have we?" He asked with a smile.

"Yea, sorry wow. That was… rude. I’m so sorry." Dan laughed and shook his head.

"Its fine."

"So you think I’ve seen you in something?" She asked. "Did you have a big part?"

"Yea." He laughed. "Im pretty sure you’ve seen it. The whole worlds seen it."

"What is it? Like… Harry Potter or something?" She teased.

"Yea." He replied point blank.

"No way!" She gasped. Before he could respond his phone was snatched off the table and a blinding light from the screen lite up in his face. Shielding his eyes he heard it crash to the table as she gasped. "Shit." Dan laughed as the white orb of light disapated from his vision. "Oh fuck." She mumbled through her fingers.

"People usually recognize me before this. Im sorry to throw it at you."

"No no I’m sorry. Oh I blinded you. Im so sorry." The waitress came back with Dan’s beer and set it on the table. Amy laughed and held up her empty drink. "Im gonna need another one of these. Vodka and tonic please." She said to the waitress. She nodded and walked away.

"I don’t want this to be weird. I’ll leave if you’re uncomfortable now. "He said.

"No, no, no. I’m fine. Are you fine? I just… sorry." She laughed. Dan felt warmth wash over him at the sound of her laughter. The way her cheeks reddened and her eyes flashed to his made his heart beat loud in his chest.

"Let’s start over." He said extending his hand again. Amy smiled and shook it twice. "My names Dan, just an… unimposing guy in a bar."

"Amy, just another damsel in distress who’s surprisingly good company." She replied. Dan laughed and took a drink from his bottle.

The night flew by as they talked about normal things like the differences between Brighton and New York, where to get the best pizza and who was a better Bond. After a few more vodka tonic she talked more with her hands. Spinning wild tales about adventures on the subway and American public schools. Neither of them noticed the crowd thinning out until the house lights came on.

"Wow. Guess they’re telling us we’ve over stayed our welcome." He said with a laugh. Amy glanced around as her teeth nibbled on her boyyom lip.

"Well my place is just up the block if you’re not tired of me yet." Dan’s lip curled up on the end and Amy’s brow pinched. "Sorry, that was really forward. Wow." She laughed.

"No its fine. Sounds great." He replied.

As they walked they talked more about her art and his travel plans. Sometimes she’d bump into him with her hip and she smiled bashfully when he took her arm and wrapped it around his. Her head fell onto his shoulder as she snuggled up against him for the remaining few minutes of their walk. Reaching the entrance to her building Amy opened the door and interlocked her fingers with his as she lead him up two flights of stairs. Reaching another door she unlocked it and pulled him into her darkened apartment.

Before the door even clicked shut or his eyes had time to adjust her lips were pressed hard against his. Out of sheer reaction he pulled back and held her by the shoulders.

"Sorry. I’m just… god I don’t…" he could hear the psinful embarrassment in her voice and as his eyes adjusted he watched her face twist up into a grimace. His hands quickly cupped her face and he pulled her lips back to his. Tension left her body and se wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands slide down her sides to the bottom hem of her short dress. Dan’s mouth travelled down her jawline and neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses and nips of his teeth behind. "I don’t want you to think…." she said before a moan cut her short. "That I’m doing this because you’re famous." She finished. Letting his hands slide up under her dress he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her against him hard. Another breathy moan rushed from her lips and his teeth nipped into her collarbone. Sucking in a sharp breath through her teeth Dan pulled back and scanned her face with worry.

"Am I being too rough?" He asked. She laughed shaking her head frantically. "Are you good at taking directions?" He asked feeling his blood race through his veins. Her head bobbed even more frantically. "Good." Walking around her and further into the apartment. Flicking on the light switch he sat on the arm of the sofa and let his eyes trail over her as she turned to face him. "Take off your dress." He said looking back up to her eyes. Her chest heaved and she slowly raised her hands to her back and pulled down the zipper of her dress. It fell loose around her shoulders and she shimmed it down until it fell to the floor at her feet. Standing there in her black lace panties and matching bra she kept her eyes on him and her hands at her side. His lip turned up in excitement; she’d done this before. "Come here." She walked towards him with perfect posture. Her supple breast thrust forward, her shoulders back, her spine straight. She stopped between his wide splayed knees; keeping her eyes forward while his finger talked down hey long neck and over the curve of her breast. "You’ve done this before haven’t you? Someone’s trained you." Her tongue snuck out to wet her kips but no sound fell from her mouth. Again his heart raced with excitement. It’d been too long since he had a true submissive. "When I ask you a question you may speak."

"Yes sir." She said softly. Dan got up from his perch on the couch arm, making sure to press his hardened cock against her hip as he moved to stand behind her. Her eyes flattered slightly as a heavy breath escaped her. "Sorry sir." She instantly apologized regaining her composure. "Its been so long." She confessed.

"How long?" His fingers ghosted down her spine and he felt her muscles flex as she fought the urge to arch into his touch.

"Two years sir."

"Well I can go slow if you’d like." His lips pressed to the junction of her neck and shoulder gently. "Is that what you want?" His mind screamed at him for giving her the option. His body craved to dominate her. To feel her writhing beneath his unfaultering control.

"No sir." She said a little to quickly.

"What are your boundaries?"

"Sir?" She asked as he came back around to sit on the couch arm again.

"Choking? Spanking? Ropes? Chains? Gags? Blindfolds? Crops? Knives?" He began rambling off and she cut him short with a very excited "Yes sir." Dan’s heart leapt in his chest. He felt his cock straining hard against his trousers. "On your knees." She sank without hesitation and fixed her eyes on his. Keeping their eyes locked he untied his tie and pulled it free from his neck. Her tongue darted out again as he stood up and leaned forward over her putting his straining cock directly in her face. Gathering her wrists he tied them together with his tie and then stood up casually unfastened his belt and pulled it from the loops quickly. Her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. Doubling his leather belt in his fist he unfastened his trousers and pulled his cock free. Letting his hand stroke up and down it gently he stared down at Amy. "Is this what you want?" He asked brushing the head of his cock against her parted lips. Her tongue darted out and skimmed over his skin making him draw in a quick breath. With a flick of his wrist his belt snapped against the flesh of her ass with a resounding thwack. A pained moan dripped from her lips as her eyes clenched shut. "Open." He demanded rubbing his cock against her lips again. Her jaw dropped and he roughly shoved himself past her lips. "Fuck." He growled as her tongue rolled over the underside and her cheeks hollowed around him. His hands released his shaft to grip get hair. Rolling his hips he fucked her throat slowly. His belt making contact with her ass periodically making her moan around him. Pushing his still booted foot between her thighs he spread her knees and angled his foot so the tip of his dress boot rubbed against her lace covered clit. As his hips rocked his foot rubbed and she was soon moan around him sending vibrations up his cock into his balls. "Don’t you dare fucking cum." He growled flicking his wrist so the belt landed with a harder smack. Feeling his balls tighten at the sound of the smack he stilled his hips and pulled her head back; her lips released his cock with a loud wet pop.

Amy looked up at him with tears brimming her eyes but a pleased smile on her face. Walking around to stand behind her he stripped off his clothes and slowly stroked his throbbing cock. Leaning forward he wrapped his arm around her stomach and pulled her to her feet. His hand slipped beneath the waistband of her panties and his fingers began circling her clit.

"To the bedroom." He commanded. They walked towards the open doorway, his fingers assault on her clit never wavering until her knees hit the edge of the mattress. Then Dan spun her quickly and pushed her back onto the bed. Sinking to his knees between hers he slowly pulled her ruined panties down her long legs. Before the panties even hit the floor his tongue was flat against her pulsing clit and a needy moan rushed from her lips.

"Ohmygod." She gasped out as he sank his tongue deep into her cunt. Swirling it just so she squirmed and her hips bucked up towards him. With one hand flat against her stomach he sucked her clit between his lips and shoved two fingers deep inside of her. Curling and scissoring them he sucked and nipped at her clit until she was panting for breath. Begining for release.

"Don’t cum." He said softly before sliding his tongue over her puckered anus. She gasped and her thighs threatened to snap shut around him. With his free hand he smacked the inside of her thigh as she moaned deep in her chest. As he ran his tongue back up to her clit and sucked on it hard he felt her cunt clamp down on his fingers. A desperate moan rushed out from behind her teeth and he quickly sank his tongue into her before her release enveloped her completely. Her sweet taste made his already rock hard cock throb painfully. Wrapping the fingers coated with her slick fluids around his base he stroked it slowly.

"Im sorry. Im sorry." She panted over and over again as he kissed up her body. Reaching her lips he kissed her hard. Hungrily she sucked his lips and tongue clean of her taste, moan wuth unbridled satisfaction.

"Turn over. You must be punished for your disobedience." He whispered low in her ear. Amy quickly turn over, laying flat in her stomach, her wrists still bound at the small of her bsck. Dan let his hands trace down her sides and over the firm curve of her ass. Squeezing each cheek he admired the inch thick red lines still visible on her creamy skin. Leaning against her he reached above her for a pillow and raised up her hips to slide it under her pelvis. "You will say thank you after each spanking. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Then I will take you until I am done with you no matter if you beg me to stop. Understood?"

"Yes s…" his hand stung from the first blow, catching her off guard. She jerked slightly and a hiss of air rushed from between her teeth. "Thank you sir." She gasped. Another smack, followed by a wanton needy moan "Thank you." Six more hard smacks followed by thank yous and Dan couldn’t ignore the painful throb of his cock any longer. Without warning or hesitation he thrust into her cunt to the hilt. Her back arched off the bed and his fingers gripped her hips so hard his knuckles were white. Easing out slowly he thrust back in harder, pushing all the air from her lungs. Amy rose up on her toes to change the angle and something inside Dan snapped. His thrusts became erratic. The room filled with the wet slapping sound of their bodies mingled with increasingly loud moans and the creaking headboard as it hit the wall.

"Fuck!" Dan growled feeling the tell tell tightening of his balls and the warmth rushing up his back. "Cum now." He demanded. "Fucking cum on my dick." Amy’s cunt clenched down harder than he’d ever felt and it instantly set him off. With a few short pumps of his hips he filled her completely, some even leaked down her thighs as he slowly rolled his hips to draw out her climax. Still roling his hips into her he slowly unbound her wrists. Leaning forward he kissed the red lines that circled them before placing them at her sides. Pulling out he sat on the bed beside her and then collapsed onto his back.

"Thank you." She whispered turning onto her side to face him. Dan let his lips pull up into a high smile.

"My pleasure." He replied. Scooting up the bed he helped you to move up beside him. Safely wrapping her in the blankets and his arms before kissing her forehead.

"I have a confession." She said softly, as if on the brink of sleep.

"I’d like to hear it."

"I didnt like you in the Harry Potter movies. I was a Fred and George girl." Dan let out a loud boisterous laugh. "But I’ll definitely try to pay more attention to you when I watch them again."

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Girl Genius Oneshot - Gingerbread

Okay you all win, I’m writing the series of off-screen Jägergeneral ficlets. Since it is Thanksgiving, I decided I’d start with this one. I blame readalong and asukaskerian.


Goomblast had been in Zog’s kitchen for the past three hours.

“Dere iz no vay she iz gun be moch longer,” Zog complained, sniffing the air as the smell of meat pies and sweet pastries floated out from under his door.

“Ve said ve leaf him alone iffen he iz makink de food,” Khrizhan reminded him.

“Iz takink too long, Hy iz gun see vot’s op,” Zog insisted.

 “Hyu chust vant to eat de food.”

“Iz mine kitchen, Alexi, Hy ken eat some ov de food if Hy vants.” Zog stood up decisively, walked over to the door, and opened it.

“Goot luck,” Khrizhan muttered. Zog ignored him.

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my mom’s letting me bring my computer tomorrow to thanksgiving dinner so I can watch naruto all day and not have to interact with relatives 


Great choice here ladies :D look at that mug. mmm… gonna have fun painting that :D December up soon darling!

tea4sykes carriehiddlebatch laterovaries thisblogoffuckery dreamsngr nwadadnama larouau12 genius-billionaire-playboy sarabeth72 xdelayedgratification tarrysmith sherekahnsgirl cumbercheekstoner sunny-is-sherlokid theoria850 legion567 mytomhiddlestonpage mypreciousmind1 d-m-jonas iamthebadwolf85 emoryhemsworth kissimmmeme lokis-ice-queen calgal48 themorningstar81 just-call-me-your-darling maldivaldandhiddled timelady12 thepengwing adamcansuckme nerdysingingcatlady maneth985 xenaamazon just-call-me-mrs-hiddles so-easy-to-love-me lokifuckyeah zorped hiddlestonluvr avalonsangel rosebudwhite siochan-leat girliegirltm glimpse-of-my-mind

All I Want Out of VeggieTales in the House

I want strange character team ups we don’t get to see much on the DVDs

I want Jerry and Mr Lunt arguing over who loves Cheeseburgers more

I want Madame Blue running against Archibald for Mayor

I want Petunia and The French Peas rushing to buy Junior a last minute birthday present

And also