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How do you ask about transgender issues without coming off like a jerk? And how do you talk about someone who existed one way in the past but is a different gender now so is it “he” or “she” and what’s this all about, anyway? The good news is, it’s much simpler than you think. Here’s a little transgender 101.

[Before we go any further: sex isn’t the same as gender. You maybe, probably already knew that. If not, no worries.]

i support equality but i’m sick of people always pulling the race card

i support equality but feminists need to calm down

i support equality but i won’t respect your pronouns

i support equality but marriage is between a man and a woman

i support equality but if they changed who they are maybe they wouldn’t be bullied

i support equality but they’re just being dramatic

i support equality but its all in your head

i support equality but they were asking for it

i support equality but all poor people got themselves into that situation

i support equality but that’s racist against white people

i support equality but men are just stronger than women

i support equality but that’s just they way it has always been

i support equality but that’s just not realistic

there is no but in equality. 

You either support it or you don’t. 

This is a starting point and only the beginning: code…decoded introduces the PRIDE code - our LEGACY - our inheritance. Gender neutral “Identity” icons developed for a NEW generation of LGBT+.  Topbottom, or versatilebutch orfemmebisexualtransgenderstraighthiv positivehiv negative, and if you’re in a relationship, the committed code…Identify Yourself with PRIDE. What’s your code? (◕‿◕)


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