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Presidential candidate Rand Paul recently mentioned on a radio show that the Baltimore protests were the result of absent fathers. Then he insisted that it “isn’t just a racial thing,” but come on. Come on.

Maybe Paul was just projecting his resentment that Papa Ronny couldn’t join him on his road trip. Or maybe he was just doing his part to make sure the “absent black father” stereotype continues to be absolutely freaking everywhere. And, at first glance, it seems like the statistics support it. Journalists love to point out that 72 percent of black kids are born to unwed mothers, which raises the question: Are all the black dads too busy at Dave Matthews concerts? Wait, no, that’s white guys. Is it that they can’t stop doing illegal drugs? Shit, that’s white guys again. I’m so bad at this.

See, when you see a racial disparity in a statistic like that and immediately your explanation is that one skin color must be less good at a thing than another skin color, well, you’re not just being racist, you’re being lazy. It turns out that “unwed mother” doesn’t automatically mean “absent father,” particularly since black fathers are more likely to be involved in their kids’ lives than any other dad race. See, in this country, black families live in poverty at the highest rate, money problems are one of the biggest things that families fight about, and separate studies have found that poverty has a negative impact on a family’s structure. If there isn’t enough money for everyone to survive, people aren’t going to be as happy, and the family is going to be in trouble. They’ll be more compelled to try different things. Basically, these dads are are dealing with a situation that’s just a tad more complicated than the statistic implies.

5 Insane Lies You Probably Believe About American Families

morning rush

megint ijedve ébredtem 4.30 és 5.15 között. ez már ilyen állandó, helló régi barátom, örülök, hogy itt vagy megint a másikkal karöltve. most vajon igen, ugye igen, ugye igen? de nem. persze, hogy nem. már akkor is tudtam, hogy nem, mikor még nem láttam, de azért megnéztem. utána a félálom, az egyik legjobb rész, ilyenkor talán álmodok is valamit, amit irányítani is tudok, és ez mindig jó, csak semmire nem emlékszem, miután megszólal az ébresztő. talán nem baj.
ahogy elmúlt a pánik - kösziköszi Bach Úr! -, rájöttem, hogy ma végre ma van, eljött a nap, hurrá, és már 7.50-kor bent voltam az irodában. no nem mintha olyan sok dolgot csináltam volna, de minden ellenére képes voltam nyugodtan megreggelizni újra, az ablakból kifelé lesve megölelgettem a kis kávém, ami még mindig itt gőzölög az asztalon.
nagy levegő kislány, jó lesz így.

“Ultron is the shakeup, the dangerous aspect of filmmaking that the industry needs to preserve itself (or what it thinks it needs). Ultron isn’t just a villain here – he’s a metaphor for everything that the Marvel Movies are doing to the art of filmmaking. Ultron is Kevin Feige, Lord Commander of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in order to explain this, I’m going to talk to you about theater.

‘The Secret Message In The New Avengers Movie’ by JF Sargent

Road trips have been romanticized by popular movies like Road Trip, Euro Trip, and most other stoner films, but let me tell you: They’re not all fun and games. … And that’s why, before setting out, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1: What if we just dump the body in the city? Listen, man, there are a lot of dark alleys in L.A. Let’s just put him in a dumpster behind some bar in Culver City and … shit, you’re right. No, if they find him here, they’ll tie him back to you. And if they tie him back to you, then they can get to me. And that can’t happen.

2: How long do we have? If we have a few hours, we can dissolve the body like in that episode of Breaking Bad – it’s seriously not as difficult as you might think, but it takes a lot of time and – fuck, you’re right, no way we can get that equipment together at this short notice. People are going to be coming by looking for him. Did they see you with him? Goddammit, dude. Goddammit.

3: Will anyone wonder why you’re gone? All right, fuck it, listen: I got vacation time saved up. I can take him a few states east, dig a hole in the woods, and dump him there. Don’t thank me yet, motherfucker, I’m not taking this heat alone.

6 Lessons You Learn On Long Road Trips by J.F. Sargent

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