#FDJ car hit from behind by #Shimano neutral service car and took down their own rider. No word on his condition.. #cycling #RondeVlaanderen 🚴💨💨#RVV

First Date Jitters || Kasedy

After Candice had approved his outfit and he’d taken a few embarrassing pictures, Kasper gave himself a final once over in the mirror.  “I look as good as I’m going to,” he muttered, fiddling with his hair for a minute, before remembering his helmet would mess it up anyway.  With a smile on his face brighter than the Miami sun, he headed out.  Soon he was pulling up in front of the Becker place on his bike and sending a text for ken to come outside.


Jeremy Roy has been POVing rides all season. This is probably my favorite so far, though it’s still a little amorphous as a race narrative.

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