Spiders and Survivors (closed rp with maxwilliamcarter)

That time finally came, where the little spider had to leave his nest in search of something other than fruits or carrots. Spider was hungry for some meat, and Webber didn’t feel like arguing as his tummy rumbled. He sometimes wondered if their stomach was like the other spiders, never ending.

With backpack packed and a final farewell to his den, Webber set out in search of something good to eat.


So it’s that time of year again, and I just wanted to do a follow forever to appreciate the fabulous blogs I follow that make my time on tumblr as wonderful as it is. All of this individuals are wonderful, talented, and amazing people who post fabulous things that I just love seeing on my dash. My super close babbu’s are in bold.

Even if we don’t talk that much, or really at all, I still appreciate you all and absolutely love following you (and would love to talk to you all more because each and every one of you are amazing). If you’re not up here, please don’t take offense, I love everyone that I follow and all of my followers, but I just wanted to give special attention to those that make my day a bit brighter.

Thank you to all of my followers. Thank you so much for following me, you guys are really amazing and I really appreciate you- you’re the best! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season, and here’s to making 2014 the best year ever!

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anonymous said:

So i'm still fairly new the fandom (and even newer to making fan art stuffs) and i see all these awesome Darkipliers all over the place and (god help me) I want to join in! I have an idea for a Dark, but before I actually start making Her (yup, it's a girl), is there any limitations on the Darkiplier concept? Like, certain things me Dark HAS to have?

I’m not sure what you mean about limitations anon. There’s a lot of Darkipliers out there and they’re all very unique. Some are terrifying, some not so scary, and others in between. A “Dark” is honestly what you make of him, or in your case, her. It really all depends on what you like anon. There’s no secret recipe for making a Dark. If you like your character and they have an interesting personality, then in time other people will probably like them too. Take a look around at everyone’s Dark and maybe pick out pieces that you like about that character and infuse it with your own. Or pick some other villain from another fandom and mix their personality in with your Dark’s. Since yours is female, I think a good question to ask yourself is is your Dark a genderbent version of Mark or would you consider her more of a Darkiplite instead? Most people create a Darkiplier that looks like Mark in some way so maybe take that into account? Just a thought.