dumbass AA dual destinies doodles because this is all I can do while I’m condemned to bed with the plague (_  )_

anonymous asked:

man I loved AA Dual Destinies but I really felt like that ending lacked proper emotional resolution- like, all the bad guys were 'just' villains, y'know?

I’ve had a few messages asking me on my opinions of the game and damned if this one doesn’t just about nail it; I felt the same way, and being a giant nerd about villains and character motivation in particular I honestly felt frustrated with that finale (as much as I loved playing it, which seriously I did I’m playing through it again as we speak). I enjoyed the plot twists and how the case was planned out, but it just felt like it wasn’t ‘complete’ as story in the way that some of the AA games have been. It just missed that human empathy mark that they usual hit on the head so well, particularly as it had the potential to be kind of massively poignant and a means of tying up the whole ‘emotions’ and ‘justice’ dynamic of the game (but that’s just my humble onion and hey who am I to talk like I could make a game like that hot bananas no way no how).

buuuuut having said that it’s going to bug me forever so I’m going to be an obnoxious brat and draw an alt ending comic for my own conceited self-indulgent satisfaction because I didn’t spend five years of higher education learning to draw in order to create sensible things that make a profit damnit