Mfs b lyin

mam nadzieje ze kiedys moja druga polowka bedzie mowic do mnie tak samo delikatnie i z wyrozumiale jak geralt do plotki gdy ta sie sploszy…. hear eyes mf

theactualwintersoldier asked:

Lolix #9? I'm an angsty mf 8) ship or not, doesn't matter. thanks in advance!

ohohoh I like this. >: ) angsty feels for your needs

Felix was still shook up over what he saw through the portal, even if it had been a few hours ago. Not that he would admit it to anyone, of course. Except maybe… no, no one.

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I swear I don't do shit to a mf for them to act how they do. But it's cool bc I know my heart & you'll need me before I need yo ass believe that!