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so i just needed this…recap of what’s been surmised from recent pics of BB (09Apr):

  • the shoot is likely possibly based on the movie Romeo and Juliet (1996)
  • its set in LA
  • there will be action?? (running scenes already confirmed)
  • GD’s sideburns longer than the wait for this comeback 
  • Seungri is blonde and in leather haat damn son
  • ToDae MIA?????
  • probs recuperating after being run over by Taeyang in that damn wheelchair

Miralke Nursery Conversion - 1k Followers Gift!!

To celebrate hitting 1000 followers I bring you a 2t4 conversion. The original meshes are from Miralke & I had to edit them a little to my liking. I removed a few things from the baby changer as they didn’t quite look right & I had to move the mattress around on the crib so that the babies would fit on it.



  • Crib, changing table & dresser included
  • Each item comes with my 26 colours + the plain wood version
  • Can be found easily in game by typing DCS4 into the search bar
  • Made with sims4studioofficial

Changing Table

  • Found in dressers
  • $400


  • Found in dressers
  • $600


  • Found in beds
  • $600

I hope you all like them! If you use them in your posts & want to share the love then feel free to tag me, I track both DreamCatcherSims4 and DCS4. I hope you like them!!!


Please don’t upload anywhere else or claim as your own.If you have any problems with these then feel free to let me know, I have tested them in game & they work for me.



EXO reaction to you asking them to kiss you.

Xiumin: Okay. Here it comes.

Luhan: OKAY!

Kris: Let’s do this bb.

Suho: I have been waiting for you to ask for the past year! 

Lay: You finally read my mind.

Lay: Are you some kind of angel?

Baekhyun: I’ve been waiting for this moment. BTW I heard beautiful people are great kissers. 

Baekhyun: I was talking about me.

Chen: *doesn’t believe his dream is finally coming true.*

Chanyeol: You’re going to experience the best kiss you had in your entire life.

DO: YAAASSSS! I have been waiting for this moment to arrive.

Tao: Get prepared to be kissed by the most handsome man in the world.

Kai: *to the members* I just kissed y/n.

Sehun: *gif*

None of the gifs you seen are made by me. I do not own any of these gifs. 

I usually never do this but my boyfriend and I need help with our cats.
Here’s our campaign: HELP OUR CATS PLZZZZZ

They are all rescued or were delivered to us because we care about animals and people thinks its easy to just abandon them at our door. We gladly took them and we love them dearly but we really need to spay/neuter the girls ASAP. The older one had beautiful kittens and we are glad to keep them but we honestly can’t take more (we make sure to find homes for ones we can’t keep, we already found home for two others not shown). We will pay for the 3 males but we need help with the ladies.

If you can’t help us, please, spread the word! Every reblog and every dollar counts!

Also, if you’d like to commission something from me, we can talk about it! I just really want to make their lives and ours a lot easier.

i’m not looking forward to bobbi finding out that hunter has signed up with coulson and the old new shield

i mean, i am sure that she will be proud that he found something to care about and a new family to look after

but, somewhere in the back of her mind, it has to hurt that he left her, that he fought over her decision to stay with real shield, that her devotion to shield is what he has cited over and over as the reason their relationship didn’t work 

and then he went and signed up for coulson’s shield