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It's ridiculous how active troye has been on social media since connor left. I'm not complaining though...

+ being active on twitter x10000 more than normal, it’s safe to assume he’s hella bored hahaha 

for hidingfrommychildren ;)

this is dean just come in from the garage
had to take baby cross-country last week
and baby’s getting a little old for that
so dean had to check things out
of course
he’s a few beers in cause it’s a hot day
and he’s got nowhere to go
so he’s come in from the yard and in to the kitchen
and he’s looking at you and you say
how’s she doing?
and he says baby’s alright
but i think you might need a once-over
and you laugh because it’s so corny
but you don’t even make it upstairs
he gives it to you right on the living room floor


so i was tagged ages ago by maytheymeeetagain and htgawbellarke and recently chaoticbellamy for the 20 beautiful ladies thingy thanks babes <33 also catherine’s been asking for prom pics so here

actual prom photos aren’t ready yet so the second one’s the only one on my phone where you can see my dress and i could crop out my friends (bc the internet is scary)

i tag: ravensdamjokes, commanderbellarke, reaperbell, diplomatclarke, and whoever else wants to do it!! you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna, but if you do, make sure to tag me!! :)

  • Malfoy:Hey Scarhead! I see, still playing the role of the sodding-fag-of-the-year?
  • Potter:Well, know what Malfoy? I'm bloody tired of you and your fucked up comments. I don't care a damn what you think of my sexuality, so FUCK YOU!
  • Malfoy:Really? When?
  • Potter:Err... what do you mean by when?
  • Malfoy:You said you want to fuck me right? So, when?
  • Potter:I..., I mean-... Alright. How about tomorrow night?
  • Malfoy:I'm busy. I'm free now, though.
  • Weasley:What's going on here? *glares at Malfoy* Come on mate, we still have-
  • Potter:Y-you can go ahead Ron. I'll still have to...uh... help Malfoy polish his broomstick. *blushed*
  • Weasley:??? Erm, alright. *leaves confused*
  • Malfoy:Didn't know you had a talent in making excuses.
  • Potter:Oh, shut up.
  • Malfoy:Isn't it your job to make me?