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Will you ever reveal your gender?


(( There may be a time in the foreseeable future where you guys (those who are interested) will have the chance to discover my biological sex, if certain things pan out with an exciting project Evermore is working on.

I can’t go into any detail right now, but if this project takes off, you guys will find out purely because there are certain things I can’t hide (like my name, which is far from gender neutral) that might be revealed.

However, that will be something completely separate from this blog, so for those who enjoy not knowing, I don’t plan on revealing anything here, since I prefer to remain androgynous online. ))

So it seems like my darling, fantastic, perfect friend c-r-roberts hasn’t had the best day. And I’m very very sorry for that, because I hate it when my friends are unhappy.

So, C. Here it is. Your Taylor Swift!Everlark and sports rivals!Everlark all combined into one insane drabble.

There were a lot of things Katniss liked about her boyfriend.

She liked his curly blond hair, and how frustrated he would get in the mornings when he couldn’t get it to lie flat before he had to dash out of the door for work. She liked his big arms and strong chest, arms that felt so good wrapped around her. She liked his cute glasses that he would wear even though he preferred his contacts, just because he knew she had a thing for them. She liked the giant smile that he gave out freely to his patients and strangers alike, and she especially loved the slightly crooked one she knew was just for her.

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hey hey do u remember this. cuz i do. quite well

i have this thing that almost is like destiny when it comes to chicks…. i keep thinking about how i could really use a womans energy in my life, but i have only ever gone out with bleach blonde or blonde-y white chicks hhaha, they are just attracted to me? the four chicks i have been with have been super blonde and girly, except for my stoner love who was just a whip smart swedish lovely lady. she was my best friend for real. the others that had their thing for me though? cheerleader, swim team, and a beautiful nurse. if anything i have been blessed in the sex department hhaha. I have been told before that i have a very sexual aura that surrounds me. I feel almost like i have been set free in my prime with this breakup. i am one wild animal woman, I got travel and life goals, i am excited to find a soul who is down for stability and wants to travel <3 ^^

a few things that might help you feel better:

  • go for a walk
  • make funny faces in front of the mirror
  • listen to happy music
  • text a friend
  • make a list of things you are grateful for
  • dance around your room
  • take a nice shower
  • treat yourself with a snack you really like