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How would Woohyun, Hoya, L and Sunggyu feel when their family really likes their gf and always asks them how she's doing and constantly wants to invite her over for dinner or to just hang out?

Woohyun would worry that his families overeagerness would intimidate his girlfriend but it would make him feel good. Not that he would need that validation but having his family like her so much would make him feel like he really was lucky to fall for her.

Hoya would be surprised and happy. I don’t think he would be shocked that his family liked her so much, (how could they not?) but simply pleasantly surprised at how much they liked her. I think he would kind of want her to himself sometimes and not always want to be with the whole family, but it would make him feel good nonetheless. 

Myungsoo would feel obligated to accept their invitations and be happy that his family wanted to involved his girlfriend so much. He would be concerned on how she felt about it; if she felt overwhelmed or not. No matter what she felt he would work to make them both happy or comfortable. 

Sunggyu would be so excited, especially since his mom is so important to him. If they liked his girlfriend that much, he would like her even more (if it were possible!) He would agree with his family, they should meet for dinner more often. He would love feeling like his girlfriend was a part of his family as well.

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