shake it off: the swiftie edition

I stay up too late
can’t get this in my brain
but my teachers say 
learn it anyway

I get distracted by my dash
I should be focusing on maths
but instead I’m stalking Tay
she’s leading me astray

but I keep reblogging
can’t stop won’t stop posting
and scrolling through my dashboard
listening to 1989 
'cause it makes me feel alright

and the teachers gonna teach teach teach teach teach
and the homework’s gonna grow grow grow grow grow
and i’m just gonna work work work work work
work through it all, work through it all

and i’m staying up late late late late 
because taylor’s gonna lurk lurk lurk lurk lurk
even though i should be asleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep

but i’ll shake i off, i’ll shake it off